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Reasons Why Being Famous Sucks

There is hardly anyone who hasn’t, in one time or another, dreamed to be world-famous. It’s an alluring dream, whether you go for fame...

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What Can I Put in My Wax Warmer? Wax Melts and...

There's nothing like walking into a home that smells like warm vanilla sugar or sun-kissed laundry. But have you stopped to consider what risks...


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Wearable Air Conditioner Reon Pocket by Sony

Sony Corporation offers an original wearable product that allows its owner to cool certain parts of the body, locally reducing the temperature by 5...

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8 Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom That She’ll Absolutely Love

Christmas isn't as far away as you think. So, if you're looking to get a great gift for your mom, now would be a great time to start searching. There are all sorts of...

Resort Wear for Women Can Be Worn at Any of These Destinations

Do you have resort wear at home that’s left unworn this year? A beautiful beach tunic or a new hot bikini? That’s sad for any fashionista! No surprise you didn’t have the chance to...

Best Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is fast approaching, but there’s still time to get the dad in your life a fabulous gift that he will cherish and appreciate. Dads have many different personalities and interests, but here...