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Less-Than-Glamorous Career Beginnings of Celebrities

It takes some imagination to picture celebrities other than scintillating public figures they are these days. Yet many of current Hollywood’s top personalities started...

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10 Most Popular Shapes for a Rhinoplasty

A nose like the Duchess of Cambridge is the most popular request among patients of plastic surgery clinics, both men and women. However, the...


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10 Ways How Technologies Make You Dumb

Modern technologies have significantly expanded the possibilities of man. But their mass distribution also had negative consequences. Daily presence of various gadgets in human...

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10 Weirdest Historical Facts about Being a Woman

Historically, it has always been so that men occupy the leading positions in society, whereas women at different times have been considered almost as second-class citizens. Moreover, a woman could not take part in...

Novel Present Ideas

It is that time of the year again. Christmas is almost literally around the corner, so now is the time to get organised, and start your present buying. As you can guess, many of the...

18 Bizarre But Awesome Inventions

In this review, we have gathered the most amazing and useful gadgets and accessories that can cheer up the gray days. Indeed, it is not only useful but also very interesting to have something...