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Why Celebs Keep Getting Into Trouble

There is something that just keeps celebs getting into trouble. A week does not end before a celebrity is caught on the wrong side....

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Multimasking – The Latest Skin Care Trend

Every woman wants to stay young and beautiful. Unfortunately, today's frantic pace of life doesn’t always leave enough time to properly care for ourselves....


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Handbag Dyetonator to Fight off Snatch Thieves

Street thieves on motorcycles are a real problem in Asia. They brazenly snatch bags from passers-by who often get hurt hitting the pavement or...

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15 Casino Facts Nobody Would Share with You

If you ask a gambler how to win, he or she will give you lots of tips. However, in fact, a casino is not intended for the clients to earn, just to entertain them...

14 Common Things You Didn’t Know Even Had a Purpose

It often happens that a thing has a purpose, but most of are unaware of it. However, everything has a use. This is what we are going to show you in this review. 1. Pompons...

SDJ-02: Climate Controlled Self Drying Jacket

Sometimes artwork determines the future development of engineering and technology. The cult "Back to the Future" trilogy led to the creation of self-lacing shoes, hoverboards, and flying cars. Falyon Wearable Tech has presented the...