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5 Famous People Who Spend Their Free Time Gambling

You may pride yourself on your cool demeanor and impeccable poker face at the casino, but would you keep the same chill attitude if...

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5 Benefits of Hair Extensions

If you are thinking about hair extensions, regardless of if you want flip-ins or some other type, but not sure if you are ready...


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10 Apps Every Girl Needs

Do you have a favorite application? What is it about – health, beauty, fitness, or something else? What kind of application do you visit...

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Travel News: Amazing Non-Touristy Places to Visit in Singapore

Even small kids will tell you that they would like to visit the Marina Bay or the Universal Studio's theme park when they go to Singapore. However, the popular tourist attractions on Singapore Island...

4 Advantages of Learning to Play Music

The love for music is perhaps one of the few things we all universally have in common. No matter the creed, race or nation, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who does not have...

New Jersey, The Noisy Neighbor and a Viable Alternative to the Big Apple

It might live in the shadow of the Big Apple when it comes to tourist numbers but pull yourself away from that iconic skyline and there are plenty of tourist rewards in neighboring New...