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Flawless Celebs? Serious Diseases Stars Have

Judging from their appearance, these beautiful, successful, spectacular and famous girls seem flawless. In fact, they also had to face serious diseases. Some of...

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Benefits of Skin Toning

A skin toner, also referred to as a toner, is a lotion that is designed primarily for cleaning the skin. It reduces the pore...


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Hush Is A Blanket For A Perfect Sleep

The inventors have come up with a "smart" blanket that helps you sleep better. The development called Hush is based on the technology of...

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Busty Women Pay Less in This Restaurant

How about a restaurant offering significant discounts to ladies with a prominent breast zone? Yes, there is one in China which has launched an advertising campaign built upon this ingenious idea. Starting at the beginning...

15 Weird Ideas Women Come to about Their Body

The media showers on us images of perfectly built models and actresses which incite envy and desire to emulate, making us feel inferior every time we come up to the mirror. How often on...

Things You Need to Pack for Milan

Traveling is a fun experience that will nurture your soul. With having cheap air tickets nowadays, discovering new places has never been more reachable. Milan is the ultimate travel destination for the people who...