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Celebrities Who Lost Their Loved Ones

These celebrities have survived the tragic and completely unexpected deaths of their closest people. Keanu Reeves Keanu Reeves is known for his reclusive way of life;...

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5 CoolSculpting Myths You Should Stop Believing

Thanks to advancements in cosmetic medicine, it’s never been easier to alter the areas of your body that cause you to feel unconfident or...


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Steasy Lunchbox Will Warm Up Your Lunch

The high speed of modern life does not always allow you to enjoy delicious and warm home-cooked food. Steasy has come to help office...

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4 Tips for Having a Wedding Abroad

If you are fed up with the weather in the UK or want to make your wedding a little bit more exotic, having a wedding abroad can be a magical option for the bride...

The Leather Anniversary: 5 Gifts For Your Third Year

Every major anniversary has a customary gift and for the third wedding anniversary, the traditional gift is something made of leather. Why leather? Many say leather represents the strength of the relationship and your...

15 Craziest Challenges & Flashmobs Millions of People Participated in

The so-called "challenges" are very popular in the whole world nowadays, especially among teenagers. These are competitions or flash mobs, during which people do crazy things. For example, the Ice Bucket Challenge, during which...