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Celebs Speak out about Their Experience with Racism

By the year 2020 the humankind has traversed a long way, but it appears we are not yet civilized enough to eliminate discrimination (and...

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What Can I Put in My Wax Warmer? Wax Melts and...

There's nothing like walking into a home that smells like warm vanilla sugar or sun-kissed laundry. But have you stopped to consider what risks...


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Window Cleaning Robots

The tedious, time-consuming, and monotonous job of cleaning the exterior windows can now be performed by the X6 robot. Its production project is open...

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Best Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is fast approaching, but there’s still time to get the dad in your life a fabulous gift that he will cherish and appreciate. Dads have many different personalities and interests, but here...

How Does the Woman with the Biggest Lips Look Like?

Many girls have augmented lips these days. This can be treated in different ways. But one woman decided to distinguish herself and become famous throughout the world. Read the story of a girl who...

Tip: Don’t Forget The Gifts When Meeting Girlfriend’s Parents For The First Time

Among the most stressful milestones with any couple, particularly for the man, is the point where it's time to meet the parents. Depending on the relationship, impressing the parents can prove a vital component...