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Celebs Who Opened Up About Their Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Are you familiar with the feeling of overwhelming anxiety descending upon you? It is not something you could relate to other people in words....

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Bye to Hair Loss: New Helmet LG Pra.L. Enhances Hair Growth

A special division of LG company called Pra.L. is actively working on the production of goods for the cosmetics industry. They developed an ultrasonic...

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What to Do If Your Package Got Stolen?

The United States Postal Service often delivers packages to consumers' doorstep. Parcels left unattended may attract those who love quick money. Former NASA engineer Mark Rober has been fighting petty crooks for a long...

How to Choose the Best Cashmere Gift for Friends and Family

Let’s be honest. 2020 was … not an easy year. With the holidays upon us, it’s the perfect time to give family members, colleagues, and friends the gift equivalent of a warm, reassuring hug. That...

First Artificial Meat by SuperMeat Served in The Chicken Restaurants

At the new restaurant in Tel Aviv, The Chicken, visitors can taste chicken grown in a cage placed inside a biological reactor in an adjacent room and separated from the hall by a glass...