How to Prepare Your Decor for a New Year Refresh

Are you ready to transform your space for the new year? As we bid farewell to 2023, it gives us the perfect opportunity to make changes to our home and elevate our decor. This could be switching out wall art prints, changing up the paint colours or treating yourself to some new furniture. Whether you are looking to make a statement change in 2024 to wow your friends and family the next time they pop over, or you want to completely renovate a space for a ‘new year, new me’ look, here are ten tips you can take onboard for the process.

Declutter & Re-Organise

First things first, we need to start 2024 with a clean slate, and by this, I mean finally decluttering and organising all of the rooms you have been avoiding for a while. Assess each space in your home and decide if the items you have are essential or wanted – if they aren’t, this is the time to donate, sell or throw them away. Streamlining your home and entering a new year with a clutter-free space will not only be great for the aesthetics of the home but will improve your mental well-being, too. Remember, a tidy house is a tidy mind! Once you have decluttered and organised, you will have a blank canvas to decorate.

Try Out A New Colour Pallette Or Theme

Many homeowners like to stay ahead of the trends when transforming their homes for new seasons, so why not try it for the new year? Whether you have a modern aesthetic, love a Scandinavian setup or keep things classy and vintage, every Interior style comes with trends. From bright and vibrant statement walls to neutral, boucle furniture and wooden accents, a new colour palette in the home will instantly upgrade the atmosphere and appearance. Consider incorporating your new colour palettes with statement walls, new textiles or decor accents.

Re-arrange The Furniture

Sometimes, things don’t have to be as complicated as we think. For example, a simple re-arrangement of your current furniture, be that beds, wardrobes, shelving, or your sofa and TV set up, can bring new life to a space you are looking to change. Experiment with different layouts and bring a fresh perspective to your room. You may also find swapping furniture between rooms can be a unique and cost-effective way to change up your home. Why not make the spare room your bedroom for a period of time and see if you prefer it? – these quick fixes often work wonders!

Invest In New Furniture

While using your current furniture in new ways is fun, investing in those dream pieces you have wanted since you first moved into your property is a brilliant way to make your home feel that little bit more special. While following new trends is great, timeless pieces are essential for long-lasting style, so ensure that when you invest in your home, the pieces will be there for the foreseeable future. Consider the focal pieces of furniture that make up a home, like the bed or a large corner sofa, and use these as the foundations upon which to build.

Dress Your Walls

Every home needs to showcase personality and memories. Incorporating wall art prints, be that abstract prints, textured canvas designs or framed paintings, will add a new feel to your space. As well as the decorative artwork, hanging your favourite family photos around the house makes your rooms feel more homely. Adding these personal touches will make the property feel inviting and cosy, whether it’s in the form of a gallery wall or a carefully curated collection precisely located on specific walls in the house.

Refresh The Smaller Spaces

Some people often never consider adding decorative pieces to the smaller areas of their home, be that entryways, nooks and corners. This being said, these spaces offer so many opportunities to get creative with minimal effort. Think about the smaller places dotted around your home and consider adding accent furniture, mirrors, vases and decorative pieces to elevate them. No area of the home should ever be neglected!

Change Up Your Lighting

Another method of elevating a space that most people overlook is lighting. Ambiance is essential to making a room feel warm and appropriate for its purpose; having the right overhead lighting in a kitchen makes all the difference when dining, while perfectly placed lamps make the living room ideal for movie nights and relaxation. Try illuminating your space in 2024 with new lighting fixtures and standalone lamps offering a chic, modern, or industrial feel. While browsing for your new pieces, consider opting for energy-efficient options and experiment with LED bulb types for varied effects and cost savings.

Swap Out Your Textiles

Looking to give your home a cosy feel, especially in the chillier months at the start of the year? This is the chance for you to add another throw blanket or scatter cushion to your ever-growing collection! Textiles are a fantastic way to quickly and affordably elevate a space while adding a warm and welcoming vibe. You may even wish to invest in a new rug or thick curtains that align with your interior style. Experiment with different patterns and textures, or use this method as a way to introduce seasonal trends to your home, too.

Bring The Outdoors, Indoors

Every home needs a plant or two for a pop of colour and its amazing health benefits. Choosing plants that are right for your environment is key here, as we want to avoid adding plants that prefer to be kept outdoors or in extreme conditions and direct sunlight. Adding plants to your home, be that a monstera, cactus or olive tree, adds character and brightness while making the air cleaner, too. You may also wish to browse for the perfect decorative planter to enhance their aesthetic appeal further.

Get Creative With DIY

Do you have some old tables and chairs cluttering up your loft or garage? If so, it’s time to use them! There will be nothing more satisfying than entering the new year with a piece of decor or furniture that you have upcycled and restored yourself. Repurposing old furniture has become a very popular trend over the years, as not only does it add a personal touch to your home that you can be proud of, but it’s environmentally friendly, too!

So, whether you are in need of a decluttered and organised home, a space that feels completely new, or it’s time to finally pick up those pieces of decor you have had your eye on for a while, entering the new year of 2024 is the perfect opportunity to get started! Remember, no matter how big your home transformation project is, you should have fun and enjoy the journey. Infuse your space with colours, furniture and decor that both bring you joy and best represent your personality. It’s time to change up your house, making it your dream home.

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