Why Do Girls Love Fashion Jewelry More Than Traditional Jewelry?

Fashionistas of different ages worldwide prefer fashion jewelry rather than traditional jewelry to complete their look. This is primarily due to its availability and relatively low cost, enabling women and girls to diversify their everyday looks with various accessories.

Why opt for fashion jewelry? Many find that traditional jewelry, crafted from precious metals, looks outdated and “boring.” In contrast, fashion jewelry offers a more intriguing choice. Take, for example, the Vilavi brand’s collection, which includes a vibrant array of bracelets adorned with motivational quotes like “If you can dream it, you can do it” and “You Never Know If You Never Try.” Not bad, right Interestingly, some of these items can also be crafted in gold, gilded, and silver.

Traditional jewelry is typically more expensive due to its use of costly alloys, natural stones, and quality certification. Consequently, it is reserved for special events like weddings, engagements, and specific celebratory banquets.

Why is fashion jewelry so alluring?

5 factors that will help you look at costume jewelry from a different perspective:

  • Vibrant appearance. High-quality, well-chosen accessories can effortlessly craft the image of a successful woman. With modern advancements, it’s become challenging, even for the experts, to distinguish at first glance between luxury fashion jewelry and authentic jewelry. A prime example is Swarovski crystals, which continue to spark debates regarding their categorization. There have been incidents where burglars, targeting a house, mistakenly took only the most “eye-catching trinkets,” leaving behind actual silver and gold.
  • Rich selection. Manufacturers offer various products from over 1000 designers. For business or office wear, there are subtle and elegant options available. For a summer dress or sundress, one might choose jewelry featuring bright stones or lifelike floral designs. And for pairing with jeans, there are pieces that embody a romantic or sporty aesthetic with a hint of rebellious flair.
  • Versatility, Practicality. The use of reasonably priced materials in fashion jewelry allows for its frequent change to suit any occasion – be it work, a social gathering, or a shopping trip. In contrast, lavish traditional jewelry is often reserved for special events and necessitates a certain demeanor from the wearer. Wearing such expensive pieces in everyday settings like the workplace or a cafe may elicit, at best, perplexed reactions from onlookers.
  • Ease of Composition. The wide variety of options enables individuals to either select a pre-assembled set or creatively combine different pieces to reflect their daily mood.
  • Affordability. The generally accessible pricing of fashion jewelry makes it a feasible choice for people across various financial backgrounds. In London, for instance, lavish options are available for as little as 40-60 pounds or even less. This affordability addresses the common dilemma of “How do I refresh a wardrobe that feels monotonous?”

What is in demand?

Young people gravitate towards elegant jewelry resembling fine lace, including rings, necklaces, and earrings. Elegant women, on the other hand, prefer large, stylish jewelry embellished with various artificial stones, rhinestones, or beads.

The type of body shape also plays a significant role in jewelry selection. Ladies with fuller figures are advised to opt for larger pieces, while those with a more delicate physique might find that thin, almost airy compositions suit them best.

When it comes to choosing rings and bracelets, the thickness and length of the fingers, as well as the wrist size, should be taken into account. For instance, fashion jewelry with intricate patterns and small details looks particularly flattering on “musician’s hands.” Similarly, the choice of earrings should be guided by the length of the neck and the shape of the face. For example, massive or intricately tiered earrings are ideally suited for those with a “swan” neck.

If you’re considering a gift for a special girl in your life, whether it be your bride, mother, or sister, going with quality fashion jewelry is a thoughtful and elegant choice.

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