Vortex Wave Vacuum Cleaner by Xiaomi Smartmi Will Wash, Mop, Sweep and Clean Itself

The popular Smartmi brand from the Xiaomi ecosystem has launched the production of a new category of equipment – Vortex Wave – robotic vacuum cleaners with technologies that have no analogs on the market.

Over the past seven years, Smartmi has made a great contribution to the development and production of smart technology. The company is best known for its sales headliners – smart Evaporative Humidifier and Humidifier 2, Convector Heater 1S energy-efficient heater, and Standing Fan 2S and Fan 3 wireless fans.

Vortex Wave, the first Smartmi robot vacuum cleaner, also has every chance to become a sales leader. The vacuum cleaner performs 4 tasks at once: mopping, sweeping, vacuum cleaning and self-cleaning. The device has a powerful motor and a battery capacity of 5200 mAh.

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with two types of brush rollers: universal blue (for removing stubborn dirt) and soft orange (for delicate care of the floor covering). New-generation brushes can work with all types of dirt: they collect hair and wool, remove dust and small debris, and clean fresh and dried stains.

The design of the vacuum cleaner includes two water tanks: 600 ml for clean and 360 ml for dirty water. The continuous supply of clean water during operation allows you to not only deep clean the dirt on the floor, but also cleans the brush itself at the same time without having to return to the docking station. At the base, the robot not only performs complete self-cleaning, but also dries the brush so that there is no unpleasant smell in the room.

An impeccable cleaning result is achieved due to the motor – the brush rotates at a speed of 1,600 rpm, and the suction power reaches 4,000 Pa. The square shape of the robot vacuum cleaner allows you to clean dirt literally in every corner. In just one cycle and on a single charge, the Vortex Wave can clean up to 98 sq. m.

Users will be able to control and configure the operation of the vacuum cleaner in the Mi Home application. Available options include:

  • selection of restricted areas and types of cleaning;
  • scheduling cleaning and building detailed maps of rooms;
  • the ability to send a vacuum cleaner to clean fresh stains;
  • notification of low battery or lack of water;
  • and much more.
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