Smart Heated Sneakers Xiaomi Freetie Graphene

Xiaomi continues to expand its range of high-tech products and introduces the new smart Xiaomi Freetie Graphene sneakers that can warm the feet and are controlled from a smartphone.

Smart shoes were developed jointly with Xiaomi by Freetie, which has repeatedly presented its products on the Xiaomi Youpin proprietary crowdfunding platform. The heating elements are placed in the sole of the sneakers and contain graphene-based plates.

Rechargeable batteries are also built into the sole, have a capacity of 3000 mAh and are recharged via a USB Type-C connector. The heating element can also be used to dry shoes in order to prevent bacteria and germs from building up in sneakers.

Xiaomi Freetie Graphene smart sneakers are controlled using a physical button or through an application on a smartphone, where you can change the default heating temperature of 43 degrees Celsius. When the button is activated with one press, the warm-up will last 30 minutes, and a second press will switch on continuous heating until the battery is completely depleted. Xiaomi Freetie Graphene running shoes are priced at $175.

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