Jobs Supermodels Used to Have Before Fame

Not all models have dreamed of catwalks and magazine covers since childhood. We are going to recall what the stars of the fashion industry were doing and what jobs supermodels used to have before they were noticed by the scouts of modeling agencies.

Kate Moss

The supermodel was born in 1974 in a small town near London. Kate’s mother, Linda, was a waitress, and her father abandoned the family. In addition to Kate, the family also had a younger brother and, as the eldest daughter, she helped her mother with the housework. To earn at least some money, Kate worked as a sales assistant in a toy store and at the same time sold tickets for rides at the Shrove Tuesday carnival.

In 1988, Kate Moss’s life turned upside down literally in one day. Linda decided to take the children on vacation, and in the waiting room of the New York airport, Sarah Doukas, the owner of a small Storm modeling agency, paid attention to a thin, pale girl with wide-set blank eyes.

At that time, designers began to move away from the usual ideals of beauty – chic models of high growth and with “appetizing” forms were replaced by representatives of a new trend – heroin chic. Kate, according to Sarah, was the most striking embodiment of the new trend, despite the rather low height for the model – only 168 cm.

Natalya Vodyanova

The future supermodel was born in 1982 in the city of Gorky (now Nizhny Novgorod). Except Natalya, the parents have 2 more daughters, one of whom is disabled since childhood. There was no money in the family, and in order to help her mother, Natalya worked part-time in the market, selling vegetables.

A small fragile girl, who was not even 16, had to carry boxes of 30 kg each. At the age of 16, Natalia decided to try her hand at modeling. After some time, a photographer from Moscow arrived at the agency where she was working and immediately noticed the unusual girl.

That was not the only miracle in Natalya’s life. She was invited to a Moscow modeling agency and began to conquer the catwalks of Paris at the age of 17.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

The model, known to us as one of the Victoria’s Secret “angels”, was born in 1987 in Plymouth, England. Rosie’s mother, Fiona, is a fitness instructor and her father is a certified real estate appraiser.

At the age of 16, while studying at Tavistock College, Rosie decided to get an internship in her specialty and sent her resume to Profile Models for a public relations job. Instead of the desired position, the employer offered Rosie a job as a model.

Her first work was shooting for the covers of Elle Girl and Teen Vogue magazines, but real success came to Rosie after signing a contract with the Victoria’s Secret brand. Since then, Huntington-Whiteley has been on the catwalks and magazine covers.

Miranda Kerr

The Australian supermodel, also best known for her collaborations with Victoria’s Secret, was born in Sydney in 1983. Miranda’s parents had their own farm, and the girl helped them run the household from childhood.

In 1997, at the age of 14, Miranda won the Australian Nationwide Model Search beauty contest, but she could not continue her modeling career due to her studies at school. Then, in 2003, after graduating from school, Miranda was cast in the local modeling agency Melbourne Chadwick, and very soon she earned fame in her homeland, becoming the face of the Portmans brand.

A year later, the young and ambitious model moved to New York, where she signed a contract with the famous modeling agency Next. It was in this agency that Miranda became demanded and was noticed by the Victoria’s Secret brand. Real success came to her after that.

Cindy Crawford

The American supermodel was born in 1966 in DeKalb, Illinois, USA in the family of an electrician and a nurse. In addition to Cindy, the family had two more daughters, and the parents’ modest earnings were barely enough to support the three children. The future star of glossy magazines had nothing else left but to study well.

After graduating from high school with a perfect score in 1984, Cindy entered Northwestern University for a chemical engineering course. In her free time from school, the girl worked as a seller in a supermarket and was engaged in agricultural work.

One summer, Cindy was busy picking corn in the field. It was at that time that the future supermodel was noticed by one newspaper photographer. He photographed the girl and showed her photographs to his colleagues. That moment gave a start to Cindy Crawford’s modeling career. By the way, she became the first model, not an actress, on the cover of the legendary Playboy magazine.

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