Face Tapping: a Must for All Women after 45

There is an opinion in the beauty industry that touching your face is not allowed, as this is a sure way to clog pores and provoke bacteria to multiply. There is some truth in this, but there is a relaxing technique of face tapping, which should not be ignored.

What is tapping?

Tapping is a combination of meditation and acupuncture: its essence is to stimulate certain points on the body by tapping. Movements can and should be combined with internal tuning: for example, repeating motivating settings to yourself or visualizing your goals.

Tapping is praised for its instant effect – it helps relieve stress in five minutes. This technique switches our nervous system from fight-flight-freeze mode to rest-digest mode, and it does this quickly. Many studies confirm the effectiveness of tapping.

The benefits of tapping for the skin

Combating stress is already the right step to improving skin health. Tapping also has other benefits: in addition to the relaxing effect, tapping stimulates blood circulation.

Tapping has a positive effect on lymph flow and blood flow, and this helps to maintain cell performance and optimal levels of lymphatic drainage. This, in turn, helps maintain a radiant complexion and smooth out fine lines.

Fighting nervous tension is identical to skincare, and stress relief is one of the best “anti-aging” remedies. When we are constantly on edge, the brain tries to protect us from the threat and “pushes” the function of supplying blood to the epidermis to the background – that’s why we turn pale during anxiety attacks.

By tapping your face, you return blood flow to normal levels and thereby give the body a signal: “Everything is in order, it’s time to relax!”

Tapping points

The main points for tapping on the face and head are as follows:

  • a point in the center between the temple and the eye,
  • a point where the eyebrow begins (from the side of the nose),
  • a point under the eye – on the bone right in the center,
  • a dimple in the center of the chin,
  • a crown of the head in the center,
  • a point between the lip and nose.

Tap on them with two fingers for a few seconds. The pressure should be medium. If you want to work on some problem in parallel, first formulate a positive statement that contributes to its resolution (for example, “I will succeed”), and repeat it during the tapping process.


Facial tapping has a lot of benefits: not only does it smooth out wrinkles, but it also reduces stress levels, resulting in healthy, glowing skin. Use tapping regularly, but do not forget to wash your hands, otherwise, you will run into problems – for example, clogged pores.

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