12 Hottest Fashion Trends for Fall-Winter 2022-2023

Boutiques have massively replaced their collections with autumn ones – who was ready for this? We urgently need to learn how to navigate the new labyrinth of trends in order to assemble your ideal seasonal capsule and not spend money on unnecessary purchases. To do this, we are going to tell you what the most fashionable girls will wear this fall and winter!

High boots

We’ve told the world so many times: do not laugh at the trends, for they will return! It is time to repent – no matter how tight-fitting over-the-knee boots are scolded, they are at the peak of popularity again. Exactly the same happened in the 2000s – high and tight-fitting boots were trendy. We should agree that the combination of over-the-knee boots with low-waist jeans must rest peacefully in anti-trends. As for other things, there is freedom of action!


This fall and winter, balaclavas and hoodies got a second chance, and we’re going to take it.


Who threatened that the Mean Girls wardrobe would return? Leather jackets, pleated skirts, metal studs, black smoky – just what you need!

School uniform

If punk and grunge are relic of the rebellious past, the trend for the preppy style will not disappoint. Objectively speaking, designers do not offer anything new: pleated skirts, vests, knee-highs, stockings, loafers… It always looks cool!

Veri Peri

To be honest, we are already happy with everything that does not look like Valentino fuchsia! All the stars dressed up in it en masse, and the red carpet this summer caused pain in the eyes because of the colorful pink dresses. Thanks to the fashion gods, this fall, we will wear a delicate lavender shade. It feels somewhat calmer at heart.


Some of the trends quietly migrated from summer to autumn trends. Corsets are among them. Since we’ve tried all the romantic Marie Antoinette designs in the warmer months, why not rock the fall? We bet on Gucci motorcycle corsets.


Not just jumpsuits, but tight jumpsuits. Very tight, more suitable for Catwoman and Zoe Kravitz. We won’t argue, it’s hardly worth going to work in this, but with a bomber jacket, a hoodie or a sweatshirt you get the most stylish and daring look.

Body prints

This autumn-winter, prints of the human body are in fashion, that is, arms, legs, neck, waist etc.

Rubber boots

Here is the most practical trend of this fall – rubber boots. Choose the most comfortable model for you.


It’s time for leather dresses! The textured material looks expensive on its own, which is why it is so comfortable to wear: one leather jacket/dress/overalls – and no accessories are needed anymore.

Artificial fur

We can’t get enough of the fact that artificial, rather than natural fur, is considered to be a really fashionable and worthwhile purchase now. Nothing, perhaps, warms like the realization of one’s importance in the big business of saving the planet.

Maxi and mini

We have survived the Miu Miu microskirts and hoped to leave them in summer memories. Yet here they are again! Fortunately, in autumn, designers give an adequate choice: daring mini or stylish maxi. The choice is always yours!

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