Most Unhealthy Frozen Foods You Still Eat

Semi-finished products significantly save cooking time, and, therefore, for many of us, they have already become a familiar option for lunch or dinner. However, frozen products, at best, do not contain any useful substances; at worst, they can harm health. We talk about some of the most harmful semi-finished products that are best excluded from the diet.

Freezer dinners

It doesn’t matter what dish we are talking about: frozen lasagna, risotto or chicken in teriyaki sauce. All these semi-finished foods can do harm. While there are certainly healthier options among frozen meals, many of them are notoriously unhealthy.

One of the main reasons is sodium levels. Frozen dinners can contain about 1,000 mg of sodium, which is more than half the recommended daily amount. Too much sodium increases the risk of hypertension, stroke, and other heart diseases.

Besides, frozen dinners are usually severely lacking in vegetables. If time is too valuable for you, we advise you to carefully read the packages of ready-made meals and pay attention to the sodium in the composition. There are also semi-finished products with fresh vegetables as a side dish.

Frozen pizza

Frozen pizza is a high-calorie food high in calories, salt, and fat. Excess salt and unhealthy fat in the diet, in turn, greatly increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and blood pressure problems.

Frozen desserts

Frozen pies and cakes are gaining popularity in food deliveries. However, this is not the healthiest choice. Although frozen pies can be a pleasure, they are one of the most high-calorie and high-fat foods.

Frozen baked goods are made up of highly processed carbohydrates and sugar with no real nutritional value, let alone chemical preservatives. Regular consumption of frozen desserts is fraught with an increase in the level of “bad” cholesterol, which increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Frozen bread

This is a truly useful invention for sellers. No waste, no spoiled or expired buns. Pure benefit. It remains only to convince people that frozen bread is convenient and healthy. Without a doubt, they will believe it. Then, they will pump it up with chemistry so that bread could be better digested.

There are many manufacturers of bakery products that offer frozen bread, pies, buns, rolls and other products. This is the so-called bread with an interrupted baking process (frozen semi-finished product).

Advertising assures storeowners that, mistaking heated frozen products for fresh pastries, customers will buy them under the influence of the delicious smells that come from the trading floor ovens where frozen products are heated (or baked).

By the way, delicious cakes and pastries served in cafes and restaurants were actually also once baked in a factory and subjected to shock freezing. In the cafe, they are simply thawed, after which they must be sold within a few days.

Frozen French fries

Fresh French fries from fast food restaurants are already high in unhealthy fats and calories. When subjected to freezing, the dish loses its last useful properties. So this semi-finished product does not carry any value at all, but it may well do harm.

Frozen hamburgers and hot dogs

The most dangerous component of such fast food is the meat filling. Processed meat is one of the most dangerous foods when it comes to heart health, mainly due to its sodium content and chemical preservatives. If you are too fond of processed meats, limit yourself to one serving per week.

Frozen yogurt

In addition to vegetables, berries, and seafood, such specific products as frozen yogurt and frozen bread appear on the shelves. People flock around stalls of frozen yogurt to buy it like regular fast food. They believe that it is good for health. This is nothing but an illusion of benefit from the fact that the product package says it contains probiotics.

Here is the composition of such yogurt: pure crystalline fructose, D-glucose, maltodextrin, skim milk, yogurt powder, and microencapsulated probiotic. That is, the first three components are sugar, and then the usual processed cow milk.

Maltodextrin, by the way, has a very high glycemic index, which is just poison for diabetics. Moreover, it is often obtained from genetically modified corn. In fact, frozen yogurt is the same ice cream, but with the addition of a probiotic.

Many people consider frozen yogurt healthy food. Even if a pizza or a hamburger is sprinkled with a probiotic, this product will not turn into a healthy diet dish.

Stores that sell frozen yogurt don’t sell healthy food at all. They just pretend that their product is healthy food. People just want to think they’re buying healthy food. After all, few people really care about what they eat.

Read the composition of products and follow the usefulness of what you eat!

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