7 Worst Interior Design Trends

What fashion trends in interior design should be treated with caution? You can spoil the interior in just a few minutes – we are going to tell you what dangers design conceals (you also come across them). Read about the worst interior trends!

Monochrome gray interiors

In the last few years, gray has become essential in interior design. Gray is everywhere now: gray walls, gray floors, gray furniture, gray everything. Its cold tones can sometimes seem oppressive and “sterile”, mainly if they are distributed throughout the room. If you like the idea of a monochromatic color palette, consider incorporating warmer beiges or even peach tones to balance out the austerity of grays.

All-gray interiors are a fading trend. If you chose gray as the dominant color in the interior, add some bright accents. Spectacular accessories will add depth to the interior.

Lamps with paper shades

The famous Swedish company IKEA has brought a trend already firmly entrenched in Europe – paper lampshades. Inexpensive, spectacular and practical lamps flooded apartments and houses. However, those who want to display individuality should stay away from this accessory, which ensures that the light in your apartment will be the same as that of all the neighbors.

Floral photo wallpaper

For seven years now, the palm leaves pattern has not lost popularity. It can be found in catalogs of wallpapers, photo wallpapers, and frescoes. Such a print is everywhere now, and this will inevitably lead to the fact that the palm tree pattern will become boring and lose its attractiveness in the coming years.

Opt for more recent trends: for example, interesting three-dimensional art objects made of metal or natural wood that will bring a fresh touch to the interior of your home.

Accent walls in a different color

Painting or wallpapering a single accent wall is still a popular way to decorate a room. However, leading design studios note that the trend of painting one wall a different color is definitely outdated, and this is the first sign of a fading trend.

If you like a pastel or mid-tone color, you can simply paint all the walls in the room with it. If you chose a bright-saturated shade that will be too much for the entire space of the room, you could use it as the color of accessories, pillows, or fabric.

White interiors

Authoritative architect and interior designer Kobi Karp (USA) believes that the all-white minimalist trend is impractical for most homes. White materials, especially leather, get dirty easily. This style is popular in magazines, so designers are often asked to make the interior white. However, people often face potentially exorbitant cleaning and maintenance costs.

Instead of total white, Kobi suggested choosing a deep blue or sage green color scheme that would give the room a cool and clean vibe without requiring laborious maintenance.

Small bathroom mirrors

The bathroom is a traditional place for hair styling and makeup application for many of us. For this purpose, you need the right mirror. Designers recommend using large beautiful ceiling-high mirrored canvases. Longitudinally elongated mirrors, equal in width to the cabinet, are a good option for bathrooms with wide cabinets.

Glossy bathroom and kitchen floors

Bathrooms and kitchens are often wet and slippery, which can be unsafe. Fashionable glossy surfaces are doubly dangerous as floor finishes. Use rough and matte textures in rooms where there is often water on the floor.

The fashion for functionalism will inevitably lead to the popularity of such flooring, and you will enjoy a practical and fashionable floor for a long time to come. If you already have a slippery floor, try covering it with rugs that can be secured with carpet tape.

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