Weirdest Phobias Celebrities Have

Celebrities seem to have lots of bizarre phobias that can surprise everyone. We are going to analyze the most striking examples in our article.

Fear of your own reflection

Eisoptrophobia is a type of phobia in which a person fears their own reflection in a mirror. Pamela Anderson suffers from it. She likes to surround herself with numerous makeup artists, just to avoid looking in the mirror once again.

Fear of the dentist

Robert De Niro asks for general anesthesia before each dental procedure. He panics not only in the dentist’s chair but also at the mere thought of dental treatment. According to him, he believes they can do something wrong with his teeth.

Fear of animals and insects

Fear of animals and insects is one of the most common phobias among people. Especially when it comes to spiders and snakes. Orlando Bloom, for example, is very afraid of pigs – he has porcuphobia. The actor said that he can’t stand even pork and prefers not to be in places where they sell it. Once he made a real tantrum on the film set when a pig was nearby. Both the animal and the actor had to be brought to their senses after meeting each other.

Insects also frighten celebrities very much. Scarlett Johansson is afraid of cockroaches. She feels real fear rather than just disgust. Nicole Kidman hates butterflies. In her opinion, these creatures are beautiful from afar, but once you look at them up close, they look like real monsters.

Tobey Maguire is afraid of spiders. He spent many hours of his life talking through his fears with a psychoanalyst. Tobey Maguire’s wife, Jennifer Meyer, is known to have the same phobia. Hopefully, Toby was not looking for a wife specifically based on this criterion.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison suffer from hippophobia – they are afraid of horses, Rihanna is afraid of fish of all shapes and sizes. Since childhood, the singer has preferred the pool to the sea and the ocean. Salma Hayek panics when she sees a snake nearby, and singer Adele is afraid of seagulls.

Fear of phone calls

Nowadays, every second person hates to make and receive calls. It seems that this is happening precisely because the digital space around has slowly but surely replaced our usual life. Lady Gaga suffers from such a phobia. She even dedicated the song “Telephone” to this fear. Most likely, many other celebrities have the same fear, but they just don’t admit it. By the way, Lady Gaga is also afraid of small children.

Red carpet fear

Penelope Cruz suffers from such a phobia. It pains to imagine how she constantly fights with her phobia of appearing in the spotlights. It’s not difficult if you don’t come in contact with a phobia for years, another thing is your work. However, Cruz found a good solution – she tries to appear on the red carpet in good company. She seems calmer then.

Fear of paper

It seems that Megan Fox should take the top place in the list of the strangest phobias. The actress is afraid of cutting herself with paper, so she never touches the scripts that are sent to her by mail or letters. Producers know about this peculiarity, so they send Megan Fox scripts with laminated pages. Alternatively, close people read the lines aloud to the star.

Fear of germs

In our reality, this phobia cannot be considered strange at all. Everyone seems to have it at times. Actor Charlie Hunnam refused to shoot in the film “50 Shades of Grey” because he was afraid to pick up germs from his partner when kissing. He washes his hands thoroughly, avoids public places and is even ready to give up acting because of some intimate scenes.

Fear of doorknobs

Cameron Diaz refuses to touch doorknobs: they are so frightening to the star that she prefers not to deal with them at all. The question arises then – how does she live at all? They say that Diaz was even going to hire a person who would open all doors for her.

Fear of plants in flower pots

Christina Ricci has a very strange phobia: she is afraid of plants in flower pots. Actually, Ricci herself explains this by the fact that flowers seem dirty and dusty to her, so this causes her horror. Isn’t that the fear of germs? Perhaps in our ranking, Christina would be more comfortable next to Charlie Hunnam in the same line.

Fear of diving

Jennifer Aniston has this phobia. As a child, she rode a tricycle around the backyard pool and accidentally fell into the water along with the bike. Luckily, her brother was there to rescue Jennifer, but she has been afraid of diving ever since. Actually, the actress also suffers from aerophobia. Landing on a plane is a big stress for her.

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