Signs You Need a Change in Life

There comes a time when we feel that we are going round and round in circles with no excitement, no challenges, no enthusiasm. Something ought to change, we believe. Check if you know all the signs telling us things must become different and you need a change in life.

Jealousy is eating you

Once you have caught yourself out feeling jealous of somebody because they are luckier than you, it’s time you analyzed your life and cast about for what you can change in it.

You can make your life different and get rid of this jealousy that is totally counter-productive.

Instead of comparing yourself to other people, scrutinize your life for areas you can improve. If you see no grounds for changes then maybe you tend to live other people’s lives and have no correct perception of your own.

The past is always on your mind

Does the past seem like the best time of your life to you? Do you think the present receives enough attention from you? If you dwell for too long in the past, it may mean that what is happening to you now is getting out of your control.

What is it that you get when dwelling in the past? After all, is said and done, it is all behind you, you can only reminisce about it. Think about living and building new memories for your future recollections!

You feel as if time was dragging on like in a thick fog

Time can move on so that you feel every hour passing by, or it can be a blurred flow that leaves no impressions. In the second case you may have slipped in a monotonous rut that is tedious and mundane so that your days go by without satisfaction or reward. If your time is devoid of anything distinctive, you can take it as a call to introduce new goals that will bring in milestones.

Your sensations are numbed

You noticed that you started to go numb? People often get numb when they don’t want to get overwhelmed by anxiety, stress, trauma and so on. It can be a temporary state fading out after stress has worn off, but still try to work with it so as to avoid probable bad consequences.

When you feel numb as you are socializing with particular people and/or find yourself in particular situations, you may be dulling hurtful emotions or unpleasantness. It looks like you could have to change your life to escape such people and situations. If you go on feeling numb, seek professional help.

You are undergoing weight changes

It may be that your work hardships or toppling relationship detracted you from your healthy eating habits and regular workouts. Either putting on or losing weight, such changes are symptomatic of the necessity of introducing healthy alterations into your life.

If you have really gone off proper kitchen and gym habits, no doubt you will be feeling worse emotionally and physically. No matter what hardships you are going through, make sure you place your health above other concerns.

Your sleep is troubled

As you are about to go to sleep, you realize that your mind is still heated. Worries are besetting you, you are unable to shake them off, and even if you fall asleep, they invade your dreams.

You can’t get about your work and duties if you are fatigued right from the start; make sound sleep a must in your healthy lifestyle.

Play around with various falling-asleep ideas, try screens, meditation, and calming techniques to regain peace of mind and untroubled eight hours of sleep.

You don’t feel like socializing with friends like before

Something happened that turned you away from your usual company: you don’t want to draw up plans with them, stand them up. It seems like you have things you want to conceal.

Yet no matter how mighty your troubles are, avoiding your friends is the worst you can do. You deliberately refuse their support and empathy, the ability to set you on the right path. Let them do you good, and arrange for a special meeting for a discussion of your current condition.

Family bond gets weaker

When relationships are sliding downhill, one and the same thing occurs – feelings grow musty, bonds get frayed, problems in personal behavior begin to crop up.

Once you begin to feel that your bond with your relatives flakes off, it’s time to take measures to strengthen it by spending more quality time together and engaging in mutually exciting activities.

You perceive life as unmanageably chaotic

So you are laboring under the indelible impression that, no matter what you do, everything is buried in chaos. That’s a strong indication that your lifestyle requires simplification, situations need to be played out with more care and precision.

Self-destruction manifests itself

In some cases people are apt to get the worst of it before they realize that something ought to be changed. They comprehend they have lost healthy habits and stopped to care for possible aggravations, but fail to result in feeling the need to rearrange anything.

This personal crisis can be put down to attempts to avoid responsibility, issues, and expected painful consequences. All of them are negative aspects which shouldn’t be allowed to dominate; the best bet is to regain control and push for higher aims.

How to make a change?

If you relate to anything, begin with identifying the exact spot you’re in. Are you at sea? Make a pause and define the direction you want to move in, where you expect to find yourself after some time elapsed, who will support you in all ways possible.

Pick up a pen and a sheet of paper, run away from all the fuss and consider the following queries:

  • What do I wish to do during the day, at work and at home?
  • Where do I see myself functioning?
  • What people would I like to socialize with?
  • Can I identify my greatest current challenge? Who could help me with solving it? Who can I discuss it with?
  • Why do I feel I cannot achieve my aims and lead the life I believe to be mine?

Enumerate the reasons that support your desire to lead the kind of life you would wish. Put down your steps to take to achieve your goals; see how many things you can do to get on the right path. Actually, the world lies open before you, you can alter a few things or exert radical changes and fly off at a tangent and take a totally unexpected course.

Get busy with exploring your possibilities – pick ideas from famous people who made it and reached your goals, whose life made a shining example for you. Take useful hints from them, see what they did to excel. Find the inspiration and fire up to rise above yourself!

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