How to Prepare for Half-Marathons & Marathons

Marathons and half-marathons are some of the most competitive running races. Unlike other running and field sports, marathon is a sport of endurance. It doesn’t matter how fast you can run but if you can’t travel the distance, then it is not possible to finish the marathon. This is why taking part in a marathon requires continuous practice and endurance building exercises.

In order to build endurance, you should run consistently for long distances. However, you can start with a couple of kilometres per day. After a week, increase the distance that you run daily. Halfway through your training, it is important to increase the distance and the speed at which you run. For example, it is important that you run at least 10 km per day a couple of months before the marathon day.

The best place to start your training is on open roads. Open roads give you a great mixture of the similar terrain and some gradient. If you find it hard to find calm roads and free streets to practice running, then you could choose indoor running.

One important problem with indoor running is, it can get claustrophobic and nauseating soon. Running inside the four walls of a house can tire you easily. If you look at the landscapes and the milestones on the roads, it is easy to motivate yourself to push your comfort zone and boundary.

If you’re training inside your house, it is not easy to push yourself and improve. This is why it helps to use some immersive technologies or virtual reality / augmented reality devices to help you in your training. One important disadvantage of all these is the high costs that are associated with these devices.

A New App to Practice Running with Your Friends

Instead of spending 1000s of dollars on these fancy gadgets, you can simply use your existing laptop or tablet and step up your running practice. Vingo is an app that tracks your online running and helps you to achieve your goals.

You need not spend any money on fancy devices. All you need are a computer screen, your fitness activity tracking watches like Fitbit, Apple Watch or any other trackers. You can download and install the Vingo app in your favourite device and then using the bluetooth connectivity, you can pair up your activity tracker to enhance your training.

Key Features of the Vingo Training App

Vingo takes you to the virtual world where you can run along other people. No matter where you’re located, you can train with your friends or family. In fact, you can even find new training buddies in the virtual world. When you run, the signals are transmitted to the app and the app moves your avatar inside the virtual world. Your character moves as fast you run on your treadmill.

Since, the app populates a dynamic and picturesque location with varying gradients, it is easy for you to train for the competition. The online running app can be customised according to your personal requirements. So, if you’re going to run the marathon in a hilly location, you can choose the terrain similar to that. On the other hand, if you are looking to run in a flat, coastal area, you can choose a setting for that landscape.

Start Training Today & Win that Marathon Race

Winning a marathon is not easy. It requires dogged determination and continuous practice with consistent improvement. The Vingo app can provide you all the urgent care that you need to become the best version of yourself. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to the official website of the app and find a version that is appropriate for your device.

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