Habits of Slim People

There are not so many genetically “thin” women among us. In order to stay in shape, many women change their habits (not only in food). Below you can read about the habits of slim people.

They eat when they are hungry, not when they have appetite

Sometimes we put a sign of equation between these sensations, which is fundamentally wrong! Hunger is a signal that you have to eat. You can understand this by your feelings: for example, sucking in the stomach or rumbling in the abdomen.

The appearance of hunger largely depends on when you last ate – on average, it occurs 4 hours after the last meal (provided it is complete). Appetite is associated with the desire to enjoy food.

If you’re not used to paying attention to your body’s signals, distinguishing hunger from appetite can be tricky!

Try to imagine the thing you would be glad to see at this particular moment. Is it a bowl of soup or a slice of black bread? If so, then it’s definitely time to eat. If you dream of a donut, sausage or chips, it is quite obvious that this is an appetite, because you want a very specific delicious food. If your appetite often guides your behavior, problems with excess weight will appear soon afterwards.

They quench thirst

Everyone seems to be writing about the importance of a drinking regime for a good figure. The daily 1.5 liters of water has turned into a replicated myth. Alas, it is impossible to keep weight without enough liquid. All reactions of our body take place in solutions, so we need water every day and in certain quantities, or rather, in a ratio of 30 ml per 1 kg of weight.

You need to drink it in small portions during the day rather than all at once in the morning (even more so in the evening).

Tip: Measure the amount of water you need in advance and place the container nearby, for example, next to your workplace. Drink half a glass of liquid every hour. If you live on the run, install any application on your phone that will remind you to drink.

They eat mindfully

Even if you do not have a minute of free time, put all your gadgets aside and take ten minutes for a snack and half an hour for a full meal.

While watching TV and working at the computer, you do not concentrate on what you eat. As a result, the signal of satiety arrives at the brain with a delay, and you can eat much more, significantly exceeding the calorie content of the daily diet.

Eat what is delicious

Among healthy foods, you can really enjoy plenty of products. You shouldn’t forcefully stuff yourself with the notorious boiled chicken breast if you don’t like it at all. The simplest way is to bake it without oil. As the next step, it can even be replaced with other lean meat (turkey, rabbit).

Among cereals, vegetables and fruits, you can also find those that you will eat because they are delicious rather than because you need to.

Don’t give up on your favorite treats! You may experience a neurotic need for them or a relapse when you eat a lot of prohibited foods.

You can afford to eat what is not very healthy, but what you love very much. Eat these products regularly, in small portions – in terms of calorie content, they should be about 100-150 kcal. Allow yourself this pampering when you are full and be sure to choose only the finest quality delicacies made from natural ingredients, without trans fats, preservatives, or colors.

They get weighed regularly

This habit is especially important for those who have put a lot of work into their harmony. You need to control your weight regularly. Get weighed once a week in the morning on an empty stomach. Libra will tell you everything honestly.

If the problem is 3-5 extra pounds and you already have weight loss skills, you can cope with them in a month, simply by adjusting your diet and physical activity. It will be much more difficult to deal with a gain of 10 or even 15 kilos.

They have a lot of hobbies

Slim people are extremely active, and not only physically. As a rule, they take care of their appearance, constantly learn something, and some are also engaged in creativity. In general, their leisure time is extremely varied, and they simply have no time to think about food.

If we talk about hobbies in the language of psychology, each of us has a so-called circle of pleasures: pleasures for the body (any skincare, massage, saunas, pleasant tactile sensations, physical activity), soul (self-development, visiting exhibitions or theaters, reading books, etc.) and applied hobbies (any kind of creativity).

If a given sector in your life falls out, it is invariably replaced by the simplest and most easily accessible pleasure – by food. Ideally, you need to choose what you especially like from each category, and the appetite associated with boredom will not affect you.

They ditched added sugar

There are no obligatory norms for the consumption of sugar (sucrose) – the product appeared in our diet only about a century ago, and it does not belong to the category of useful ones. It is better to get the established norm for simple carbohydrates from natural products, for example, fruit and/or vegetables.

Do you want to sweeten your life? Get ready to put on weight quickly. Glucose molecules are the final product; the body does not need to spend additional energy to break it down. Therefore, it is very easy to take these molecules and put them aside, that is, in the form of fat.

They take vitamins and supplements

Modern foods contain significantly fewer vitamins and minerals than before. Due to a deficiency of micronutrients, one can face both a malfunction of metabolic processes and uncontrolled overeating (the body will try to make up for their lack of food). Another consequence is the disruption of natural detoxification processes, which is especially important for residents of large cities.

A vitamin and mineral complex must be selected individually, based on your needs, and together with your doctor.

They sleep enough

We don’t eat at night, so we extract glucose from fat, which we store during the day, to keep our brain working. What happens to the body if for some reason you do not get enough sleep? With poor quality sleep, circadian rhythms are displaced, the natural rhythm of hormone production and the breakdown of fat at night are disrupted.

At night, the body burns about 30 grams of fat. If you do not get enough sleep or sleep restlessly, then, for example, only 20 grams is processed, and the rest is sent to the reserve ─ to be accumulated on the hips, waist and buttocks.

With a regular lack of sleep, even if you eat right and take time to exercise, you will still gain weight – albeit slowly but surely.

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