Questions to Ask Yourself at the End of the Year

We are trying to figure out how to analyze the achievements of this year competently and understand what goals you should set for the next 12 months in order to get closer to the life of your dreams.

1. How to understand what good things happened this year?

To answer this question, you can check your achievements on the Wheel of Balance. This well-known coaching tool allows you to divide the main areas of life into basic clusters (work, family, hobbies, health, hobbies, communication with friends etc.).

Thus, you will see the areas in which you have achieved good results, or vice versa – that have dropped out of your attention. Such a Wheel of Balance must be practiced with an emotional component, with the level of satisfaction in each of the spheres ranging from 0 to 10. After all, sometimes we invest many resources in a certain area, but we do not get any moral satisfaction from this.

The time might have come to pay more attention to family and education, rather than give so much energy to career growth.

2. What if not all dreams have come true?

If we do not get relief in the form of pleasure from success, stress begins to accumulate, and we lose motivation, strength, energy and resources. At some point, we may notice that we are less and less willing to move on, and dreams begin to pass into the category of unrealizable ones.

We feel constant irritation and resentment, and our psyche begins to gradually direct us to the comfort zone, where there will be no temptation in the form of new paths of development. That is why we need to approach the goals and objectives that we set for ourselves sensibly and not demand the impossible from ourselves.

3. How not to face burnout and frustration by the end of next year?

It is imperative to motivate yourself like a loving parent of your child. This means that your intentions must be achievable, and they must have sufficient strength, motivation and resources.

If you like to dream and fantasize, it should be done very wisely. Don’t expect gifts from the Universe. Take action.

Imagine a picture of an ideal future. Feel what you experience when you are in a new reality. This may be a feeling of satisfaction, joy, self-confidence, inner strength. Describe and remember this moment of true happiness. Next year, try to return to this state as often as possible.

These can be the simplest actions – a walk with loved ones, a contract with a new client. The recipe is simple – the more you experience these positive feelings, the faster you will move towards the reality in which you would like to stay.

Behave as if you have already achieved your goal. If you want to be successful, walk and talk like a successful person. If you want to be a better public speaker, act like you’ve already become one. If you want to become more confident… well, you get the idea.

4. How to motivate yourself to achieve new goals?

Check out the Achievement Diary or browse through the archive of photos, remembering the most significant events of this year. Mentally thank and praise your inner child. Say that you accept and support it, even if you have not achieved maximum results this year.

If you constantly take care of yourself and say “thank you”, it will allow you to fill with energy that inner part of the psyche, which is responsible for support and motivation. After all, it depends only on what you will nourish in yourself. This may be the desire to go forward or disappointment and despondency.

If you value yourself and praise even minor success, the desire to achieve new heights will grow every day.

5. How to pay tribute to those who have been with us this year?

If we want to change for the better, it is important to exchange emotions with other people. Think about who has taken care of you, supported and helped you to achieve your goals during this year. Thank these people sincerely so that they can feel their worth and value in your life.

Taking someone’s resource and not giving anything in return can lead to codependent or parent-child relationships. In order to build healthy contact, it is important to return these investments in the form of gratitude or concern.

When the situation is the other way around, you understand that you yourself have put a lot of effort into someone’s growth. You should thank for the opportunity to show your best qualities, for the ability to feel important and valuable, thereby leaving the endless role of a rescuer.

The only choice for that other person will be to thank you in return and create an environmentally friendly and equal relationship with you in the future.

6. How to set goals for the next year correctly?

Look at your Wheel of Balance and think about goals in all areas of your life. Don’t just focus on your career or entertainment. When resources are evenly distributed, it creates harmony and protects against frustration.

List 3-4 specific steps that would help you get closer to these goals. Even if they are minor ones, they can still help you move from planning to action.

Reflect on where to find the resources to fulfill these desires. Perhaps you yourself have the necessary potential, or you can turn to loved ones for help.

Imagine your deepest dreams and observe how it makes you feel. Try to live these feelings every day. Get involved in some resource activities, surround yourself with people who motivate you, and buy things that bring you pleasure. Remember that when we are in the correct inner state, we create the conditions in which all our dreams and desires come true.

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