How to Prevent Wool Allergy and Itching?

“I often notice that wearing knitted products causes acute skin itching. How to solve the problem? Is it possible to prevent wool allergy?”

Skin irritation is not always due to the wool thread. Sometimes it’s all about the detergent or the tightness of the fabric to the body. In any case, no trouble would arise if the skin was not hypersensitive.

This is not uncommon for residents of megalopolises – the sensitivity of the skin depends on the protective barrier. Fine dust, temperature extremes, hard water, a large amount of cosmetics, stress, and uncontrolled intake of medications violate the skin’s protection, making it prone to dryness and irritation.

Deterioration of the skin barrier can begin due to a loose fit of cells to each other or a disruption in the pH balance. As a result, aggressive particles and harmful microorganisms easily penetrate into the skin. The receptors of the nervous system react to them and signal the cells to produce pro-inflammatory factors, which lead to the appearance of irritations.

The condition of the skin also depends on the neuro-immune-endocrine system. If the internal balance is disturbed or there is a deficiency of vitamins and minerals, the protective barrier can also change.

The easiest way is to refuse knitted products. Wool is not a cause, but only a cause of irritation. You need to deal with the problem consciously. The first step on the way to warm clothes is competent cosmetic care. The cosmetic bag should be replenished with products that can improve the barrier functions of the skin, prevent inflammation and moisturize the dermis for a long time.

Ultra-moisturizing body milk with urea and beeswax is ideal for this task. If you are concerned about itching, arm yourself with a lipid-reducing balm.

Skincare is the basis of everything, but the problem can be approached in a comprehensive manner: take a blood test and fill up the missing elements with vitamins and dietary supplements, start using hypoallergenic conditioners for washing clothes, buy hypoallergenic bedding and be sure to monitor the replenishment of the water balance.

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