10 Clothing Items You Shouldn’t Buy at Fast Fashion Retailers

Budget brands allow us to look flawless at a low cost. Unfortunately, one can’t buy any outfit in the mass market. Read on to find out which clothing items shouldn’t be saved on and bought at fast fashion retailers; otherwise, the image will turn out cheap and tasteless.

Wanting to look stylish and not invest huge amounts of money in their wardrobe, many people prefer fast fashion and shopping in fast fashion stores. Weekly collection updates, constant discounts, and stylists who actively collect Zara, H&M, and Mango capsules on Instagram attract crowds of buyers like a magnet.

The mass market allows you to look like Meghan Markle today and Kim Kardashian tomorrow. Are affordable prices compatible with quality, and how to find a middle ground?

Let’s start with the fact that prices vary greatly. The quality of these products will most likely also vary considerably. You need to pay attention not only to the price. Every week, the collection receives new trendy items that (unlike designer ones) are as affordable as possible in fast fashion.

Why? They save on fabrics, accessories, and tailoring. That is why after the first wear, spools appear on clothes, “knees” stretch, rhinestones and sequins fall off, and the color fades as if you have been wearing it for years.


Unfortunately, knitwear boasts a quality composition only in rare cases. Acrylic and polyester are the best friends of budget brands, and synthetics prevail over natural materials, even if it is written that the sweater is a “cashmere” one.

Look at the composition: there is likely only 2% cashmere. If you don’t want to buy new clothes every season because the old ones are worthless, look for things where synthetics make up at most 50%, or even less. The clothing item will then keep a fresh look, and you will save on future purchases.


Everything is simple here. Such a delicate product as cosmetics should not be purchased just anywhere. Fast fashion stores’ cosmetics are created from inexpensive components, which can cause allergies or simply dry out the skin, while we do our best to preserve beauty and youth.

In addition, such cosmetics are sometimes tested on animals. We are for environmentally friendly consumption, aren’t we?


In addition to the already mentioned quality, which is influenced by cheap raw materials, shoes at fast fashion retailers are most often made trendy for one season. Such shoes will only last for a while, and you can only buy them if you rarely wear them to special events.

For daily wear, it is better to find a really decent pair of shoes in a specialized store where they pay attention to the heel, insole and walking comfort.


Some items are always left at the end of the sale. An impressive discount and a good fabric composition – so why don’t people buy them? Indeed, there is a reason for this: the thing does not sit well or is out of fashion. Take it only if it is a base item or home wear.

Business suits

Business suits are trendy in fast fashion. However, avoid buying them there. Work is a place where your appearance often matters. Whether you plan to build a career, sign a lucrative contract, or make the right impression, a suit made of synthetics or with cheap fittings will be immediately visible.

Most likely, it will not fit. Buttons, zippers, and ties – most often, a thing from the mass market is recognized due to the accessories, which also begin to lose color over time.


Such jewelry rusts in the first few months. If you wear it in the cold season, it may last a little longer, but in any case, you will be disappointed in the end.

Items made of expensive fabrics

Fast fashion retalers are not the right place to buy clothes made of expensive fabrics, such as natural silk, velvet, or lace. They save on the cut, so the quality suffers too.

Even a 100% cotton shirt can be poorly cut, or the cotton itself will let you down – pay attention to how wrinkled the fabric is and whether the spools appear if rubbed.

Decorated products

We mean clothes with sequins, beads, rhinestones, brooches, chains, and synthetic feathers. If you are lucky, the products with decor will make it to the cashier’s desk, but not much longer. However, they usually fall off or deform already in the fitting room. You can easily purchase a simple laconic satin dress for a Christmas corporate party.

Unquestioned fakes

It is no secret that fast fashion is always guided by the ideas of famous designers when releasing collections. Thus, the latest H&M collection contains a bag that strongly resembles Bottega Veneta, and Mango even replicates bags.

Let’s keep our individuality and not spoil a good image with fakes that can be seen from afar.

Faux leather

Artificial leather takes a leading position in the ranking of unnecessary things. As a rule, it is made from unpleasant chemical materials to wear on the skin.

The life of things made of artificial materials is short, and they deteriorate even without wearing while just being in the closet. Leather bursts and sheds. The clothes do not sit well on the figure and do not let air through.

What can and should be bought at fast fashion retailers?

Jeans, T-shirts, basics and, in general, everything your heart desires. You will not throw the purchase away after the first wash if you carefully study the composition of the fabric. The product must contain at least 50% natural fibers (wool, cotton, linen).

You can look for worthy things in the premium segment and in collaborations with famous designers: today, even the most democratic brands like H&M have goods from an expensive line that are of good quality.

Investing in one cashmere sweater during the sales season is better than filling the closet with one-day blouses.

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