How to Keep Knitwear in Good Shape?

“Every time Winter comes, I take out sweaters and jumpers from the closet and see that they’ve lost their shape and look completely different from when they were purchased. How to store them correctly so that they serve as long as possible?”

Knitwear is the trend of the season. In addition to the relevance of the model and the quality of the fabric itself, the appearance is also important, which can easily spoil the improper storage of knitted items.

Do not hang knitwear on a hanger

The first thing to remember is that knitwear stretches. Therefore, hanging a knitted thing on a hanger is not the best idea. In this case, there is a high probability of deformation and sagging of the thing under its own weight. Knitwear loses its elasticity on the shoulders.

Store knitwear in stacks

It is best to allocate a separate shelf for knitted items and use special dividers to keep them in compartments so that the piles of things are stable. This will help keep the closet visually tidy and keep the knitwear looking good.

Order matters

You shouldn’t make huge piles of knitwear. It is better to adhere to the rule: we put the densest and heaviest things down, the lighter ones up. Ideally, each pile contains 3-4 things, no more. This will help avoid creases, the knitwear will not lose its shape and will remain elastic.

Store things in vertical stacks

If it is inconvenient for you to store things in piles, you can use vertical storage. Put a special divider between each knitted thing so that the piles do not fall apart. You can buy dividers at any store that sells various household items.

Sort things out by seasons

A convenient option is to sort the knitwear by season. We store what we need in a certain season (for example, warm sweaters and cardigans) separately from the things we wear all year round – T-shirts and knitted tops. Such a system will help keep order in the closet. Besides, you will not panic, trying to find things before going out.

Don’t forget about colors

You can also separate knitwear by color. For example, divide it into basic and calm shades that you can add to any look, and bright accent ones. Divide the stacks by repeating colors.

Only clean things can be stored for a long time.

It is very important to prepare the knitted item well for long-term storage. It should be clean and well dried. Otherwise, there is a risk to get a sweater with a musty smell or mold in the new season.

What is the best way to store knitwear?

The most important thing is to choose the right long-term storage option. Popular vacuum bags are a convenient and ergonomic method, but not safe for your knitted items. Delicate knitwear can deform, and it will be difficult to return it to its former shape. Woolen things will lose their fluffiness.

Therefore, the safest option for such products is breathable trunks. For the same reason, you should not pile things tightly, even if you are going to keep them for a long time – carefully fold them or fold them in a loose roll. If you follow these simple rules, your knitwear will serve you for a long time and will decorate your looks for more than one season.

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