Tips for Surviving the Holidays

For many of us, holidays bring about a slew of inquietudes: having to socialize with all kinds of people, meet all your relatives, eat and drink almost incessantly – a lot of things! It can take quite a lot to get through the holidays. You have to be prepared to all well-known and some unexpected contingencies. How can you do it in the most effective fashion? Read and see what you can omit when you’ll be preparing. Below are tips for surviving the holidays this year.

Check yourself if you are expecting a perfect holiday

We are all inclined to expect too much from a forthcoming holiday. But more often than not high expectations end up in disappointment. It is worth your while to stick to a realistic viewpoint without committing yourself to ungrounded delusions.

Don’t switch off time management

No matter it is a holiday or not, your quotidian tasks are still there for you. You have to see to it that your schedule includes all the same stuff plus additional errands related to holidays – shopping for food, preparing festive meals. What about all the presents to be bought. Throwing a party alone requires excellent timing.

Consider all the extras for you to shoulder; concentrate on things that will add zest to the holiday for you personally. Since you are entitled to your enjoyment, invest in these special activities. Also, there will be some obligations you can write off – decorations that don’t impress you, meetings that don’t enthuse you, activities that grew stale.

Keep up your eating-working out balance

Holidays are no good reason to skip your workouts – actually, they provide all the more reason to get physical! You burn calories, ease up stress, keep emotions under control. Go for a walk whenever you can. Watch out for what portions you lay on your plate.

Don’t get taken aback

Holidays can open a wide door to all kinds of unexpected things. Guests appearing uninvited out of the blue, not enough food prepared, the situation is developing not quite to your liking. Whenever something like this happens, breathe slowly and deeply, and focus on your feelings.

Prepare some self-encouragements that you can use in due time: when something goes astray, explain to yourself that nobody can be prepared for everything, that to err is human, that it will all come right at the end.

Don’t step out of your routine whenever possible

It’s natural that routine breakages create stress. If you can, hold on to your workaday activities – go to the gym, meet people as pre-arranged, see to it that you eat healthy.

Remain moderate

Parties, festive dinners and occasions create an atmosphere in which you can easily go overboard with the consumption of food and alcohol. In moderate quantities this can really conduce to a holiday atmosphere, yet it’s up to you to make sure you won’t end up feeling sick and guilty.

Remain in touch

Allocate time for those who really understand and bond with you – especially if they live far away. Get in touch and catch up; share your concerns; if you need support, ask for it, or see if they need any.

Don’t get pursued by guilt

With some people being happy, having fun can cause internal pressure. Make your merriment as clean from unnecessary collateral emotions as you can. While you are socializing, don’t analyze the process. Let yourself – as well as others – enjoy the break.

Say no when you feel like it

Remind yourself that you are within your right to refuse – you can’t meet everything that is required from you, you can’t visit all the parties, you can’t become a shower of favors. Don’t let your holiday dwindle to a list of commitments.

Make sure your home is clean

Casual stoppers-by are likely to appear on your doorstep; they are bound to want to use the bathroom. Take pains to clean the room where you will entertain and the bathroom and avoid any embarrassment that might occur during (unexpected) visits. (The rooms where you won’t be receiving can wait for their turn.)

Manage buying gifts

Even before holidays spending begins to increase at a great rate, causing stresses and empty wallets. You should do well to allot a part of your budget and write out a list of those you will be getting gifts for. You will get a good idea then how much you can spend and what to look for at your price limit.

Don’t forget about contribution

Surprise a worthy fellow (family) with a gift, a favor, or assistance. This will go toward creating positive emotions both in yourself (for rendering unsolicited help) and in your recipients. It would be a meaningful and rewarding experience to mark your holiday.

Be aware of your priorities

As the holiday approaches, the to-do list is certain to grow; you will be snowed under. Only it doesn’t mean that you will become able to fulfil all your obligations and meet everyone’s expectations. Don’t make your holiday a hectic attempt to fulfil all commitments.

Find reasons for gratitude

Gratitude is actually a great way for taking the edge off stress. Instead of brooding over what went wrong, focus on what went right. When the day is over, think of several things you can be grateful for. It isn’t only what you gained, by the way – you can feel thankful for what you escaped, for what didn’t materialize (like an unwelcome guest who failed to turn up!).

Prepare room for escape

There are sure to be events which are – for you – less than bearable. Think ahead and devise means to step out of a pressing situation for a while to take a breather. If you are the host, make your bedroom off-limits; if you are a guest, look around for a suitable spot to adjourn to when you feel overburdened. Take your breaks to avoid stressing out.

Don’t forget to be good to yourself

Well, you are having a holiday, so you have the right to do good by yourself. Treat yourself to what you fancy, go where you want to go, or, if that’s how things stand, take time to be on your own. You won’t be able to do everything for everybody; be on the receiving side of the holiday, too!

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