How to Impress Your New Partner?

Liking people is a subtle phenomenon, not easily given to control or even cultivation – it either happens that you like someone or it does not. Still, psychology does throw us a few pieces of advice hinting that we can do some motions to make ourselves liked better, or produce a brighter impression. So, read on to find out how to impress your new partner!

Own up to becoming vulnerable

As soon as there arises any inchoate romantic situation the couple involved becomes vulnerable. While people are inclined to hide or dodge the fact, why not acknowledge it and accept it? Such acceptance, known as “cognitive reframe” in psychology, has been proven to help understand your feelings including holding emotions in check if need be.

To begin with, as you realize your position has grown more vulnerable, keep in mind that the same goes for the second party. People get naturally fretful as they feel their feelings grow. When you know that both of you are sensitive it can redound to a better understanding when you can be open and forthright in discussing this subject.

Think along simple lines

As you begin to consider dating, pick the simplest of ideas. There’s no real need to choose a posh place at once, dress up in your very best, practice exquisite manners to stun everybody present. Be comfortable since it will agree best with an exchange of basic knowledge and impressions.

Should your date sense that you are overblown in manners or dress, it can stultify the atmosphere and create embarrassing incidents.

Don’t try to impress


Since you will naturally be interested in each other, be ready to discourse on yourself, but avoid coming across too stringently. It’s advisable to keep close to your present-day lifestyle so as not to fall into the trap of producing the wrong effect making the other guy think that you are tiresome and probably inaccurate with what you say.

The fact is, you would do well to play things down – people eager to impress are apt to slip into talking too big. You might believe that you have only dwelled on your marvelous achievements while you piled it on so high as to look unseemly, presumptuous and downright vain. Your nervousness will prevent you from noticing it for yourself.

So be on the watchout whether you lay it on thick or not; opt for certain modesty and stick to it. It is a good idea to display your ability for self-awareness and good judgment. Too much talk and the inclination to boast will almost surely come amiss.

Don’t get stuck with what you have

You are a versatile person; there is no need to place on the shelf anything that doesn’t come into your current field of interest.

It is undeniably exciting to feel a possible new romance burgeoning; yet more exciting when you get involved with the one who appealed to you. However, it doesn’t mean that everything else should be forgotten as you go deeper into the relationship.

Excitement is no guarantee that everything will happen in accordance with the best scenario. It’s not worth expecting that you will start receiving pings every half-hour with bright texts. If you have other commitments to relatives and friends there’s no tenable reason to cancel them.

Let your life flow on smoothly as it did before no matter what your new relationship will prove itself to be. Acting like this you will avoid any unwelcome disruptions as well as state your independence which would be advantageous for you in the long run.

When compliments are true

Compliments – and their acceptance – are among the things that prove that a date has succeeded! With one reservation – that the compliments came from the bottom of the heart and are more than the staple stand-by that you look wonderful. A compliment ought to show that they noticed your eminent features or the pains you took to work on your appearance.

But compliments aren’t supposed to deal with looks solely – on a par with noticing your charms it is also assumed they will know that you are kind, considerate, and witty. Compliments require good measure, too; don’t make them too many nor too few, time them by choosing a fitting turn in the conversation.

A date can be a test of how well and how non-judgmentally you can listen

Not everybody who believes they can listen is really able to do it well. People who feel that their interlocutor listens to them with interest and attention become inspired with the best feelings towards the able listener – that is, towards one who doesn’t interrupt driven by their own desire to talk, who signals their interest in whatever is being said and responds with relevant gestures and/or interjections.

The most essential point is listening – and not judging what you hear. Judging can make and spoil the whole atmosphere of the date. If you listened actively and properly, in the course of the conversation you can go back to what they said and cite it, showing that your listening skills and understanding are nothing but commendable.

Remain what you really are all through it

When romance is in the air, you want it for yourself – meaning your best bet is to be what you are. Wearing more desirable images can let you down when you least expect it. If you seek happiness, being authentic is the surest way to achieve it.

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