How to Take Care of Your Bikini?

The sun, SPF creams, salt water and bleach have a very negative effect on our bikinis. Unlike underwear, swimwear and swimming trunks are much more susceptible to external factors, quickly making them unusable. We are going to tell you how to extend the life of your favorite swimsuit.

Choosing a swimsuit

When choosing a swimsuit, pay attention to the composition of the fabric. Usually, swimwear is made from a mixture of nylon and elastane. The latter wears out under the influence of chlorine and loses its elasticity.

If you plan to wear a swimsuit mainly in the pool, choose fabrics with a low elastane content (less than 15%). Polyester can be considered as an alternative.


When wearing your swimsuit, avoid contact with body creams and oils as they cause faded spots. It is better to apply such products half an hour before putting on a swimsuit, so that they have time to be absorbed.

Also, be careful with chlorinated water, as it can cause discoloration and damage to the swimsuit’s material.

Washing and drying

After going to the pool or the beach, you should not linger along the way if you have a wet swimsuit in your bag. It is best to transport it washed and wrapped in a towel. Most importantly, do not forget about it. Otherwise, there will be an unpleasant smell and mold.

After each use, the swimsuit must be thoroughly rinsed under running water to remove any remaining sea salt, grains of sand, or chlorine. It is necessary to wash your swimsuit, even if you just sunbathed in it.

Bikinis must be washed by hand at a water temperature not exceeding 30 degrees. It is better to use liquid detergents for colored fabrics or gentle care.

The easiest way to wash a swimsuit is to take some water, add liquid powder, and leave the swimsuit for 15-20 minutes. After that, it is necessary to thoroughly rinse it under running water until the soap is completely washed out. Adding conditioner or bleach to your wash is highly discouraged. These agents impair the elasticity of the tissue.

It is strictly forbidden to squeeze the bra cups during washing and the spin cycle. It is better to dry your swimwear naturally, because the dryer’s heat can lead to loss of shape and direct sunlight – to fading. While the swimsuit is dripping water, you do not need to hang it up. The weight of the water can deform the fabric. After all the water has drained, hang the swimsuit until it gets completely dry.


You can store only well-washed and dried swimwear.

Bras with a shaped cup require special attention and care. Do not turn the cups inside out, as this can lead to deformation. It is best to cross the product in the center, without arching the cups, and put them into each other.

It would help if you also protected the folded swimsuit from exposure to other items of clothing to avoid creases. If possible, swimsuits should not be stored in vacuum bags to prevent deformation.

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