How to Make Your Apartment Cooler in the Heat?

If the heat keeps you awake at night and prevents you from working during the day, follow our recommendations to help cool the air in the room and make it easier to endure high temperatures.


First of all, you need to block sunlight. Their light heats the apartment. It is the windows that let the most light into the room, so your effort should be concentrated on them.


Below are the main items that will allow you to achieve blackout and create a comfortable temperature in the apartment.

Curtains. Use thick curtains made of light-colored fabric to reflect the light best. Blackout curtains are also sold in stores – almost completely isolate the room from sunrays.

Blinds. Suitable iron and fabric blinds can hold up to 90% of the light.

Foil. It perfectly reflects light, but many are unsatisfied with the aesthetic component. If you still decide to resort to this method, buy 5-6-meter rolls of foil and attach it to the windows. The foil will reflect sunlight.

Film. You can find mirror film on store shelves. It looks prettier than foil and also reflects light well. The film must be glued to the windows.

It is recommended to curtain the windows from 8-7 in the morning: from then on, the sunrays begin to heat the apartment.

It is important to understand that dimming alone will not cool the apartment. Other methods are also recommended.

Fans and humidifiers

If there is no air conditioning at home, a fan will help escape the heat. This is a fairly cheap item of household appliances.

Fans should be used with closed and curtained windows.

For a better cooling effect, placing an ice bucket or bottles of cold water in front of the fan is recommended. Thanks to the blowing of the fan, cool vapor will spread around the room, cooling it.

In hot weather, humidifiers can also help keep the temperature down. They simultaneously purify and humidify the air through special filters with water.

Some models can be filled with ice water for better cooling. By the way, humidifiers are more expensive than fans.

If you don’t have a fan or a humidifier at your disposal, you can use a conventional sprayer to lower the temperature in the apartment. Fill it with cold water and spray the air, floor and curtains periodically.

You can also place an ice pack or cold water bottles on a windowsill. This will cool the air coming from the street.

Sleep on the floor

Another tip is to sleep as low as possible, best of all – right on the mattress on the floor. The temperature is always lower there.

Cook outside

To avoid heating up an already hot room, consider cooking outside. You can also buy takeaway food, order it at home, or even eat cold dishes in the heat.

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