Signs You’re Mentally Healthy

People who can aver they are mentally healthy are not just those devoid of mental disabilities. Mental health is a positive term indicating that you not only feel good but also can function properly and are socially active.

The World Health Organization defines good mental health as the condition in which you:

  • cope with everyday life stresses
  • perform well and show good productivity
  • be a fully realized person
  • be an appreciated member of the community

You possess a sense of purpose, higher meaning in life, and peace of mind. You feel you have a kind of spiritual health. What are other signs of good mental health?

You find enjoyment in the simple things around you

People’s excellent mental health is supported by manifold positive experiences derived from simple things surrounding them and very simple common actions – walking about pleasant places, joking with friends and relatives, and learning new things. Such experiences may not be so delightful, but they can bring a great deal of satisfaction.

Your behavior is always fruitful

For some people, it is customary manners to go about complaining of everything, thinking up excuses, explain why they failed to do challenging things. These behaviors are counterproductive and do not attract people with a sound mentality.

Having to adapt to change presents no difficulties

Confident people understand that changes are often unavoidable, attempts to resist them are unfruitful, adjustment is required – and can be provided, sometimes by very simple means.

You persevere when the ride becomes rough

As a situation becomes difficult, motivation is apt to be diminishing, energy dwindles, and hopelessness looms on the horizon. It all happens to everyone, but mentally healthy individuals have staying power and manage to stay on track with unceasing efforts.

You feel grateful for something every day

Life is not always fun, and when you have encountered a bad patch, it is with a jaundiced eye that you see other people smile and look contented. Suffering does cloud your perceptions and precludes appreciation. Try to turn your mind to things you can be grateful for – this will be a source of positive energy as well as proof of good resilience.

You are busy with self-improvement without destroying self-acceptance

Self-acceptance combined with the understanding that there are ways to further development is a sure sign of sound mental health.

You allow for certain fluctuations in your mood and mental condition

Unfortunately, mental health doesn’t mean that you are invariably in the pink! Grief, sadness, and worries will manifest themselves in due time. The attitude to these outbursts will be different: you realize that these negative emotions are to be acknowledged, let play themselves out, and fade away as suddenly as they arrived.

This ease in dealing with sad and/or worrying emotions results from a deep understanding that we can’t do without such experiences in life, yet there is no need to concentrate on them more than they really require.

You are aware of belonging

Mental health also implies understanding that you live in a society that requires your participation in its life, contributions and improvement. Besides, healthy people may possess the peace of mind and a sense of purpose that comes from higher up, as if they had direct communication with the powers above.

You can challenge your worst fears

Once again, mental health doesn’t mean such people have no fears. But they don’t run away from fearsome situations and try to conquer their fears by moving toward them.

You know that mistakes are to teach us

Healthy people’s mentality never seeks excuses for blunders. Mistakes are a source of learning and improvement.

You are sincerely glad for other people when they succeed

People surrounding those who are mentally healthy are never regarded as rivals; they are rather someone to cooperate with. When they succeed, healthy individuals don’t believe it derogates their own performance.

You are always willing to assist

People who are resilient and robust mentally are rarely self-oriented. No matter how well they get by, they understand the real meaning of support and are unceasingly ready to lend a helping hand. Maybe circumstances do prevent you from aiding in a big way, but the interest is always there, and people know that you are dependable and sympathetic.

You don’t neglect yourself

While mentally healthy individuals are concerned about the people around them, it doesn’t mean they neglect themselves and their interests. They see that they have everything they need and are in fine mettle. Otherwise, you won’t be able to remain helpful and productive and maintain your relationships.

You are content with your life because it reflects your values

Since such people’s lives are shaped in accordance with their values, they have their priorities cut and dried and have no problems with making decisions.

You are more interested in honing your skills than proving them to others

Some other people seem to labor under a constant need to validate their abilities. You, on the other hand, need no acknowledgment. It is more exciting to gain new skills and improve the ones you already have.

You know perfectly well the boundaries in your relationships

You know what you are not going to bear and where to draw the line. Your mental health signals what would be unacceptable or undesirable when others want to impose on you. You can help without it taking a toll on you.

You don’t see the need to be agreeable to everyone

People are not made of the same stuff, and it’s only natural that some of them don’t fancy you. You know that since the same goes for you. Any desire to charm and win over everyone is bound to fail; it’s absolutely pointless.

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