5 Musicians and the Fashion Trends They Made Popular

Throughout time, fashion icons across the world have influenced the latest trends, some being incredibly popular and some slightly more controversial. From catwalk glamour to futuristic styles that break the headlines, we’ve seen it all, with many of the most famous influencers being musicians.

Below, we’ll take a look at 5 of the most iconic musicians who’ve proven themselves as fashionistas too.


It’s hard not to mention fashionista and musician in the same sentence without Madonna springing to mind. The 80’s Queen of Pop has been so successful over the years through her unique ability to keep transforming her look through different eras. While her talent has taken her on a whirlwind career alone, Madonna’s fashion sense that has sometimes been questionable has certainly been the talk of decades.

Carving out a fashion career for herself in addition to being a musician, Madonna has featured on Magazine covers, landed editorial features and inspired designers and fashion lovers of today. Her most prominent fashion era was perhaps in the 80s when teenage girls would do anything to recreate her look, usually consisting of large, hooped earrings, religious necklaces, hair bows, and lace.


While musicians used to be nothing more than a prop for the latest fashion campaign, happy to endorse an emerging brand to appease the paparazzi, today’s musicians have become fashion icons in their own right. This is especially true for Rhianna, who now has a number of collaborations with famous brands like Fenty where fans can get hold of her Fenty jeans range, or Savage x Fenty pyjamas.

Rhianna has also branched out to create her own makeup range that can now be found in Harvey Nichols. The disruptive spirit that we’re seeing being adopted by many forward-thinking fashion brands perfectly embodies Rhianna’s spirit, in which she’s now in high demand.

Bad Bunny

Latin pop star Bad Bunny has recently played a significant role in transforming male fashion bringing to the stage long hair, acrylic nails, and full drag. Bad Bunny’s style embodies strong and powerful masculinity in a different light, with his ‘sports camp masculinity’ becoming somewhat of a trend throughout the Latin world and beyond.

However, Bad Bunny doesn’t stop there. Some of his latest appearances have seen the musician wearing gothic style outfits, as well as a cream fur number with sunglasses that had him making headlines in the top fashion magazines.

Bob Marley

Best known for his Reggae music that quickly became famous across the world, the One Love singer was also a fashion icon in his own right. His laid-back style became a part of his iconic stature, in which he made fitted button-up oxford tops, black sunglasses, bell-bottom jeans, military jackets, comfy sneakers and slouch hats somewhat of a trend that’s still popular today.

Lady Gaga

This artist is one of the most controversial yet, with some of her red carpet looks causing headline news for weeks on end, yet her unique fashion style has influenced designers and fashion fans alike across the world. At the beginning of her career, Gaga was noted for her platform boots, flares and huge eyelashes which transitioned to barely-there outfits, colorful hairstyles and over-the-top hats.

Today, Gaga has dialed it back a little in which we’ve seen her transition towards old Hollywood glamour with white, blonde hair, red lipstick that’s applied to perfection, and a sophisticated old school outfit to match.

Overall, while musicians used to be just a prop for the fashion industry in the latest PR campaign for new and emerging styles, today’s musicians have become fashion icons in their own right. Whether they’re creating futuristic styles or taking it back to the classics, they’re certainly carving a name for themselves in the fashion world.

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