Hottest Fragrance Trends 2022

Let’s see what novelties perfumers can offer us in 2022 – to guarantee our emotional health and raise our self-esteem and mood.

Smells of the wild

The aromas of the forest soothe, harmonize and help you return to your roots. Wandering along the overgrown paths, touching the cracked bark of trees, rubbing the blades of grass and leaves with your fingers, listening to the songs of birds, looking for the traces of unknown animals… Everything is possible. Especially if this forest is a perfumer’s fantasy.

The bright novelty, fitting the description, is called Golden Eyes by Floraïku. The fragrance smoothly reveals all the versatility of woody components. Cedar oil is surrounded by the warm notes of black tea and spicy hints of nutmeg. The heart and base include sandalwood, vetiver and patchouli on a soft leather base.

Its ‘colleagues’ are represented by Gaïac Eternel by Atelier Cologne and Defy, Calvin Klein.

Perfumes with black orchid

The intoxicating orchid is increasingly becoming the muse of perfumers. In nature, it is only a rare type of vanilla orchid that has a strong smell, but in perfumery, there is no orchid without a fragrance. This is what the company Zepter knows for sure, since they created the novelty Luxury Overdose Black Orchid. A rich, sensual fragrance that combines the natural sexy character of the black orchid with the power of amber, the boldness of cardamom and precious woods.


Masters of the perfume industry are still looking for the holy grail – the smell that can excite the opposite sex. Although the search itself must have ended long before, marketers still can’t stop and keep offering advertisements in which somebody will always find “their soul mate” with the help of a fragrance.

Splendida Patchouli Tentation by Bvlgari has (among other benefits) a voluptuous patchouli trail that is almost impossible to forget. Patchouli in the composition is flavored with orris root, white musk, and juicy peach.


In the autumn and winter period, tangerine flavors are almost like vitamins for the soul. They invigorate and amuse us. The aromatic spray for body and textiles called Mandarin Fresh from Faberlic is just about it. The perfume composition developed in France is based on natural essential oils with a tonic effect. Its notes include clementine, bitter orange, orange flower, and green tea.


Perfumers keep using the valuable oud tree to try to unveil its secrets, to see new possibilities and new sides of this ingredient. Fragrance Du Bois is the only perfume house that uses its own signature natural agarwood. Each fragrance box contains information about the place of origin of the oud tree, the date of collection, the name of the supplier, and the certificate number.

“Water” flavors

Light and almost weightless, they take you to a fine summer day by the pond. Lotus is frequently used in such compositions. It creates a feeling of freshness, purity, and immerses us in the world of the water element, giving inspiration and unhurriedness.

Avon’s Nymphea Lumière recreates the scent of the flowers depicted in Monet’s painting of blooming wisteria and delicate water lilies. The notes of lotus are intertwined with peony and a subtle trail of white wood.

Urban fragrances

For many, these are “strange perfumes” that smell of coal, graphite, chalk, gasoline, and tar. Why do perfumers create them? To surprise, excite our imagination and fantasy. A worthy representative of the family is XXX Charcoal from Ermenegildo Zegna. The fragrance is part of the Triple Stitch collection, a bold combination of traditional and experimental metallic ingredients. XXX Charcoal is about black pepper, graphite, carbon, elemi and saffron.

Honey flavors

Linden is a rare client in perfumery. The honey-linden note in Flâneur by 27 87 Perfumes is drenched in green, slightly bitter absinthe. The dry and warm fragrance contrasts with the softness of cashmere wood, almond blossom, fresh bergamot, elegant cedar and a base of star anise, dry amber and vetiver.

The fragrance evokes both nostalgia and dizziness due to the intensity of the sound and takes you back to the hottest days of July.

Fruity floral classic

These delicious scents never seem to go out of style: they are sensual, amusing, and contain pleasant (for most people) ingredients. The One Gold by Dolce&Gabbana is a fruity floral story composed of the notes of plum, rose, patchouli and musk.

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