Hottest Manicure Trend: Hourglass Nail Art

Hourglass nail art is a manicure in black and white or pink and black colors that conquers the Internet. The beauty idea appeared thanks to the Euphoria series, dedicated to the life of teenagers. We have already summarized the trends that appeared thanks to this show. They include glitter arrows, “glitter tears”, neon mono shadows, geometry on the eyelids, and colored eyeliner.

The appearance of the heroines corresponds to their character. For example, cheerleader Maddie, who is used to enjoying everyone’s attention, chooses especially bold images. Kat, who once had to fight off the weight-related ridicule from her classmates, found the strength not to be afraid of censure and “tried on” the brightest shadows.

The manicure of the franchise schoolgirls also deserves a mention. Firstly, they are associated with nail art with sparkles in different shades. Secondly, hourglass is gaining popularity.

The new trend appeared thanks to Maddie – the audience paid attention to her nails during the first episode of the second season.

The design goes well with the girl’s makeup and outfit – pointed black arrows, silver eyelids and a dark-fitting dress with cutouts on the chest and sides. Nail art was created by nail master Natalie Minerva and Alexa Demie, who plays Maddie.

We know what an hourglass figure is – a voluminous bust, wide hips and a narrow waist in contrast. In fact, we get the same silhouette on the nails, “narrowing” the central part with the help of triangles that are darker in color.

There are not so many design variations now (on the other hand, no one bothers to play with the palette, since the main thing is to choose contrasting shades).

As a rule, black and white and pink and white combinations are found on Instagram. The milky transparent version also looks interesting.

A small completion of the image is rhinestones at the base of the nail. They can be applied, although in the original version the girls do not have sparkles.

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