7 Main Makeup Trends of Fall 2022

We know how you will look this fall! To keep you aware, we are going to share with you the main makeup trends. Non-trivial life hacks and tips from makeup artists are included.

Blurred lip contour

You don’t have to worry that the contour line you diligently drew will turn out to be a curve. From now on, the procedure is as follows: take a fluffy brush for the shadows (yes, you read it right!); with it, apply lipstick in several layers and short strokes. Thus, yu can control the brightness of the color and get the most natural result.

Super glossy lips

This season, lips can be not just glossy, but super glossy. So glossy that you can look in them as though they were a mirror. We don’t know if Megan Fox does this, but she often wears lipstick like that. Well, it grabs everyone’s attention. Follow her example if minimalism is not your priority. In terms of color, you should do without half measures: red or nude.

New blush technique

Life hack of the season. Try wearing cream blush and bronzer under your foundation instead of over it. This is what makeup gurus did at the last Fashion Week. Why such a cunning scheme? To smooth out color transitions: this way, the blush will be natural, and the skin will seem to be illuminated. The makeup as a whole will turn out to be more accurate and harmonious.

Sloppy smokey eyes

There are plenty of options here: you can wear gothic black, you can wear blue and, of course, pink (no one has canceled Barbie mania yet). The intensity of the application is up to you. The main rule is to avoid clear, even lines. Smokey should look a little sloppy, as if drawn in haste, like the models at the Versace or Valentino shows.

Glazed leather

In the fall, we will continue achieving radiant skin by hook or crook. After all, Hailey Bieber somehow succeeds to do this. A hot trend is to use an ultrasonic facial steamer. With it, the cleansing process becomes more thorough, and moisturizers work many times more efficiently.

It’s recommended to turn it on when washing or applying skin care products and makeup. By the way, models go to the catwalk with minimal makeup more and more often, so sometimes it seems that they don’t have any makeup at all.

Purple blush

Blush, as the main makeup tool of this summer, is confidently moving with us into the new season. Makeup artists offer to be even bolder: not only apply the product as brightly as you like, but also try non-trivial shades.

You can apply blush by drawing the letter “C” from the temple to the apple of the cheek, or you can use the draping technique. TikTok has already gone crazy for purple blush. In general, eminent makeup artists all go for this.

Dark lipstick with dark blue eyeliner

Autumn without dark lipstick? It doesn’t happen this way. Wearing it in the new season is a separate art form. Makeup artists suggest outlining the contour with dark blue eyeliner (exactly!) or even completely shading your lips with it and applying berry or red lipstick on top. So the color of the lipstick will turn out to be magnetically deep, rich and, most importantly, unique. The chance of meeting a girl with exactly the same lip makeup is down to zero.

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