Top Relationship Myths to Stop Believing

Have you noticed that many fairy tales and films end with a wedding? That is, the authors show us the “happy ending”, but they are tactfully silent about the fact that the most interesting things begin after the wedding. No matter how perfect your significant other is, anything can happen in a relationship, and it is very important to be aware of this. Do not perceive every quarrel as “the end of everything.” We will talk about what myths about relationships you should stop believing.

Ideal relationships exist

They are quite possible, but everyone has their own criteria of it. For someone, the ideal husband is the one who gives flowers every day, while for someone else, the one that wakes up to keep an eye open for the baby at night. Therefore, the main thing is that in a relationship, you should both feel good and comfortable.

Arguments and quarrels are a sign of an unhealthy relationship.

Yet, in a marriage, two completely different people should coexist. They may have different interests, views on life and family foundations. In general, quarrels are inevitable, and there is nothing wrong with them. The main thing is that in the end you learn to listen and hear each other.

Spouses must have common interests

There is another myth that you should have everything in common in order for the two of you to be interesting to one another. You like the same movies, food, music and so on. At the first stage, it really inspires, this similarity unites and gives you butterflie. How great it is to have someone just like me in this world! He understands me and shares everything with me.

However, soon it becomes boring, as we get to know the partner inside and out and know in advance what he will say and how he will act. This is where development ends and boredom sets in.

There is nothing wrong with having completely different hobbies. Moreover, this is an indicator that each of you is a shaped and accomplished personality.

Relationships must develop according to the plan

Relationships should develop just as the two participants have decided. There can be no other rules and scenarios here. You shouldn’t take a mortgage right after you get married (because your friends did) and plan to have a baby a year later (because your parents said so). Live your life the way you want.

Spouses should be together always and everywhere

Not at all. If, before the wedding, the future husband had a tradition of going ice fishing, and you had a bachelorette party with your girlfriends on the second Saturday of the month, you do not have to cancel your plans. After all, taking a break from each other’s company from time to time is absolutely normal.

We are so good together that we don’t need anyone else: neither friends nor relatives.

You are my whole world, my life, my happiness, my everything. This is also temporary, and after the merging stage, which does not last so long, we begin to sober up. We regain our senses and understand that narrowing our whole life down to one person is impossible. After some time, we will want to communicate with friends and relatives, and we will even try to seem interesting to many other people, both men and women.

My man loves me so much that he reads all my thoughts

“He guesses what I want and fulfills all my desires and I don’t even have to talk about them.” Many women dream about this in vain!

It is a myth that a man must have some kind of sixth sense: since he loves, he immediately develops the gift of prophecy. If it’s not the fact, this is not “your” type of person. The issue is solved very simply – sometimes you need to speak out loud about your desires. It makes life incredibly easy!

We sleep embracing

This is a big myth, which is very far from reality. Since there is no long-term relationship without problems, fatigue and a mismatch of desires. A quarter of all couples do sleep in different rooms (by the way, separate sleep saved more than one family from divorce!).

Regular sex is the key to an ideal relationship

Of course, there is some truth in this, but the meaning of regularity varies for each pair. Happiness is not in quantity but in quality. Great sex on Tuesdays is better than a tiring everyday intimacy.

Relationships are about mutual understanding and feelings for each other, not crazy sex at every opportunity. Sometimes it’s really better to calm down and stop taking the conversations of your acquaintances or their sex life as an example of a happy relationship. It is quite possible that it is not as diverse as you are told.

Partners must adore your friends and family

No, they just have to conceal their dislike for the blockheads your friends are when they meet at ceremonial events. Then your soul mate should do this only because of the boundless love for you and the rules of decency.

Your loved ones can be real thorns, and no one should love them just because of your relationship. It will be enough to show respect and maintain an impenetrable face during another incident with your negligent friend.

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