Why Sleeping with Your TV on Harms Your Health

If you fall asleep exclusively in front of the TV turned on, we should upset you: you have big problems! This seemingly innocent habit can threaten with problems.

You don’t like to fall asleep in silence and complete darkness and prefer to be accompanied by a working TV. You just don’t know yet what problems this seemingly harmless habit can lead to, otherwise, you would immediately give it up.

Somnologists have found that a night’s rest knocks down our biological clock, even with a very quiet TV on. So experiments have shown that artificial light emanating from the screen can affect metabolic processes and contribute to weight gain.

A person who falls asleep in front of a TV screen increases the production of the hunger hormone ghrelin. This hormone makes us eat more and more often than usual, which entails other risks – the occurrence of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

People with this habit are less likely to produce hormones that suppress appetite. All of this taken together, leads to excess weight. At the same time, studies have shown that light from a lamp does not have the same harmful effect.

Therefore, if sleeping in complete darkness is a big problem for you, switch to a cozy night light, but it’s better to get rid of a TV in the bedroom altogether – leave it for the living room. The risk of falling asleep in front of the TV turned on will reduce to zero.

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