5 Foods That Will Keep You Warm in Cold Weather

Are sweaters, coats, and scarves not keeping you warm enough this fall? Then it’s time to “get warmed” from the inside. We are not talking about alcohol at all, but about healthy foods and dishes with which you will be hot even on the coldest days.

Did you know that the main temperature regulator in our body is not the skin or sweat glands, but the thyroid gland? It produces the Thyroxine hormone, which controls the process of heat transfer. The thyroid gland is very smart, but our task is to help it adapt during a sharp change in the season from hot summer to cold autumn. These 5 foods will help the body work properly and warm you from the inside.

Cereals and legumes

Brown rice, beans, and other complex carbohydrates are high in fiber, which takes a long time to digest. In their splitting, a lot of energy is released, due to which our body heats up.

A number of studies have shown that meals rich in complex carbohydrates increase heat generation. Therefore, in the fall, start your day with a plate of hot porridge, and for lunch, give preference to soups with lentils or peas.


Sweets rich in fats also warm our bodies well. The principle is the same: they require a large body capacity in digestion. Therefore, a sweet dessert will obviously warm you up before a walk better than an apple.

However, the main thing here is to eat them in measure: the absorption of sweets in large quantities is fraught with the appearance of extra centimeters at the waist. It is better to give preference to sweet fruits.


You may not have expected to see bananas on this list. In fact, these fruits are rich in B vitamins and magnesium, which help the thyroid gland regulate body temperature during the cold season. One large banana a day will be enough to keep you warm.

Nuts and dried fruits

Ketogenic low carbs diet concept. Healthy eating and dieting with salmon fish, avocado, eggs and nuts. Top view

They are incredibly nutritious and perfectly warm in the cold. Use nuts and dried fruits as a snack: a handful a day is enough not to overdo it with calories.


It’s no secret that ginger root has an excellent warming effect. Make drinks with it, or add it to hot dishes as a spice. However, remember that heat treatment should be minimal so that ginger does not lose its beneficial properties.

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