Early Symptoms of Dementia Most People Overlook

This symptom of Alzheimer’s is often confused with personality quirks: don’t make the same mistake! We are talking about the unusual symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease at an early stage, which are often attributed to the patient’s character and not taken seriously.

Alas, senile dementia, Alzheimer’s disease being one of its varieties, cannot be prevented. However, it is possible to detect a pathology at an early stage and to delay the unpleasant consequences of the disease for a long time with the help of therapy. One common symptom is irritability. Quite often, people do not pay due attention to it.

The problem is that at the very early stages, the disease is hidden under the symptoms that many people ignore. Sometimes these manifestations of the disease are even attributed to a bad character. The fact is that at the very start of the disease, people are well aware that something is wrong with them because of which they become nervous and irritable.

Relatives of the patient often attribute such aggressive behavior to a difficult temper, the effects of aging, or stress. The last thing they think about at this moment is to send a relative to the doctor to find out the true reasons for the change in his mood.

Other common symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease are apathy and decreased interest in routine activities. Later, the pathology begins to manifest itself with more obvious symptoms – usually a violation of short-term memory.

By the way, Alzheimer’s disease can also shake the psychological state of the patient’s relatives. Against the background of progressive disease in their loved one, their life also changes dramatically. Usually, relatives begin to be tormented by guilt that they did not recognize the disease at an early stage and missed valuable time. In such cases, the patient’s family should seek help from a mental health specialist.

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