5 Foods Men Should Avoid

Poor memory, problems with potency, and predisposition to systemic diseases are all provoked by malnutrition. It’s not even about the abundance of fats and carbohydrates or the love of fast food: male physiology and hormonal balance do not benefit from some foods that are generally considered quite healthy!

A weight loss diet is undoubtedly good for a man, but today experts agree that men should completely abandon some products. The reasons are more important than keeping fit, and here’s why.

Soy and its derivatives

Soy is the cheapest and most readily available source of plant-based protein, and many men are happy to consume edamame beans, soy milk, tofu and isolate. However, men should be careful with soy: it contains isoflavones genistein, daidzein, and glycitein, which are similar in composition to female hormones. Excess soy can cause hormonal imbalance in men and even breast enlargement.

Grilled meat

There seems to be no more masculine food in the world than a piece of properly fried meat. However, the appetizing charred crust delivers only a few minutes of pleasure – and seriously increases the risk of prostate cancer.


Mint is also considered a “female” plant because of hormone-like phytoestrogens. Of course, you need to eat mint with great persistence in order to get a fearful dose of it, but what if your companion drinks liters of mint tea and eats peppermint salad with pleasure? Warn him.


Phytoestrogens again! Besides the fact that beer has a high insulin index, drinking it in large quantities inhibits testosterone production. Outwardly, hormonal changes can be identified as follows – fat appears in “female places”: the abdomen, hips, and chest.

Sugar and foods that increase insulin

Insulin is a testosterone antagonist and blocks its activity. If you are drawn to sweets, give preference to a natural analogue – fruits, berries, honey, and 70% dark chocolate. Consume them in moderation before 3:00 pm.

Industrial meat and poultry (especially chicken)

Men cannot live without meat! However, it is industrial meat that everyone should avoid. The feed composition of these animals may include analogues of female sex hormones. This is done to speed up the process of gaining body fat. Although these estrogens are also produced in the male body, men do not need to receive these supplements with food.

Do you know that Japanese sumo wrestlers go on a diet of chicken meat before the competition? It’s not because the notorious chicken breast is the best food for athletes. The breast may indeed be relatively safe, but the biochemical composition of the rest of the chicken, in simple terms, suppresses testosterone production, and prevents the body from forming in a male pattern.


Milk is also not a male product. Especially natural animal milk contains hormones that work in the same way as estrogen. You can replace animal milk with vegetables (but not soy!).

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