Does Your Relationship Have a Future?

You are together, and everything is fine, but vague doubts do not leave you: is your relationship so durable? How to understand that a man has long-term plans for you? What can signal that a man does not see a future with you? Below, you can read about the signs your relationship has a happy future.


Be sure to pay attention to how punctual the man is. If he comes to a date on time or even in advance, it means that he values your communication and appreciates your time. Punctuality is the respect a man shows you. On the contrary, if a man is constantly late, your communication is not so valuable for him.


If your man keeps his promise, this speaks of his reliability. It is precisely aimed at keeping you and building a healthy, harmonious future with you. If the man never goes back on his word, he can create a stable family. When your partner constantly forgets what he promised and even tries to shift the blame on you (“You didn’t remind me”), you should probably consider ending the relationship with him.


It is extremely important when a man can take responsibility for you in some matters. For example, he can decide where you will meet, initiate and implement the conditions for your joint travels for joint pastime. This is such a peculiar form of male care, with the help of which he seems to be telling you: “I care about you”, “I want to make your life happier and easier.”

Pride in relationships

We live in the era of social networks. There is even such a playful wisdom: if you didn’t post it on your blog, it never happened. Hence, if a man doesn’t hesitate to post photos with you, honestly sharing on the network that you are together, then he is proud of your relationship. He is delighted that he has such a woman.


If a man pays attention to little things, this is a good sign. This is how a forward-looking partner tries to meet your needs. For example, if you say that you love avocado salad, he will take you to a restaurant where the menu will certainly include this dish. If he knows that you are a vegetarian, he will definitely make sure you have a good choice in the restaurant.

If you accidentally mentioned to your partner that you love water activities, he invites you on a date to a surf club. All these actions demonstrate the fact that he hears you. Your man tries to do everything to make you enjoy spending time with him. He cares about your comfort, and this is important.

Social openness

If a man introduces you to his friends, this indicates that he has serious intentions, and you can predict your future with him. It means he is proud of you and is ready to present you as a couple. An even more favorable factor is when a man introduces you to his relatives and parents. This is a clear sign that you mean a lot to him.

Future plans

Perhaps the most obvious sign of all. If a man says that he wants to start a family with you and have children, then he clearly “communicates” for a reason. He has big plans for the future, in which you are one of the main characters.

What to do if everything is exactly the opposite in your relationship: a man hides you from his friends, for example. Most likely, this indicates the intention of the partner. Perhaps he does not see the prospect of your communication.

This is also evidenced by the fact that the man does not keep promises or is not ready to take responsibility for solving everyday issues. An even more serious signal is if a man has offered you an open relationship. This is a reason to think about whether the game is worth the candle. It is better to interrupt all communication with such a man, if you need a long-term relationship.

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