Signs Your Personal Growth Has Stopped

Missing a workout yet again? Do you remember the last time you read a book? What do you eat? Are you doing the same thing for 15 years without change? If a person has stopped in their personal development, urgent action must be taken. How do you know that you have stopped developing?

Lack of goals and desires

One of the most striking signs is the reluctance to wake up in the morning. A person is not interested in anything, and nothing inspires him. The world seems like a book read, which you want to slam shut as soon as possible.

Deterioration in appearance

A degrading person can be easily identified by negligence in clothing. He stops taking care of himself, wearing the same clothes: he is absolutely not interested in what others think about his untidiness.

Disorderly eating

Alternatively, no food at all. When personal development stops, a person does not care what he eats and what food enters his body. He may indiscriminately consume food that does not benefit him in any way.

An absolute stop of spiritual growth

We live in an age of very rapid changes. If a person wants to keep up with life and be important, he must be in a state of permanent intellectual and spiritual growth. If people cease to strive for development, do not pay attention to personal growth, this is a sure sign that they are not developing personally.


When one ceases to take responsibility for his life and the things happening to them, this is an alarming sign of impending degradation. In such a situation, a person blames the environment for everything: everyone can be blamed for the problems but not themselves. One constantly shifts responsibility to others. Also, they are not ready to move to the point of growing – and this is exactly the time to understand that only they alone can and should cope with any situation.

Falling out of the social paradigm

What you should pay attention to here: a person stops communicating with people, becomes unsociable, prefers loneliness to friendly company and stops contacting, does everything in his favorite ways so as not to appear in public and not get in touch. In each of the cases described, you need to sound the alarm.

Lack of meaning in life

When a person constantly talks about death, and does not see the meaning of life, it means that he has entered a degrading phase, from which he needs to get out.

Loss of interests and hobbies

A degrading person lives like a robot: they don’t feel satisfied with what is happening and perform technical/everyday tasks only. They lose any hobbies and interests. Nothing “ignites” them and does not inspire or cause excitement.

Use of addictive substances

Regular use of alcoholic beverages or an addiction to illegal substances – all this leads to gradual self-destruction.

Victim mentality

This also includes a love for self-flagellation, a critical attitude toward oneself, self-aggression, which can lead to serious consequences when a person harms himself.

Rigid categoricalness

At first glance, this is not a clear sign of degradation, but, in fact, categoricalness may indicate a stop in development. Do you eat from only one favorite plate? Do you avoid walking down a certain street out of principle? Do you always park in the same place at the supermarket? Have you surrounded yourself with other rigid restrictions and conditions?

If a person is extremely rigid, if he sticks to his ground without alternative and firmly proves that he is always right, if he does not want to listen to someone else’s opinion, he will not be able to develop. The world is limited for him, and he is not susceptible to other standards. Where there are restrictions, there will sooner or later be degradation in all the symptoms described above.

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