Hottest Beauty Trend: Liquid Hair

Liquid hair is a new hairstyle trend that has managed to conquer all the red carpets and social networks. We are going to tell you how to repeat sensational styling in the salon or at home.

The “liquid hair” trend, despite its name, suggests healthy and impeccably smooth strands that flow like liquid silk and create the effect of a watery surface.

Where did it all come from

The trend gained popularity following the fashion for glass skin – glossy, translucent skin. In combination with it, iridescent hair will help add freshness and radiance to the whole look. This will make it look like you have just escaped the water.

Another precursor to trend styling is the “wet hair effect”. However, to create it, you would need a considerable amount of gel or styling foam. The same cannot be said about more natural liquid hair, for which you only need to bring the hair into a healthy condition, making it denser and softer.

This fall, styling has become very popular on social networks. TikTok and Instagram users are actively posting videos with the hashtag #liquidhair, where they talk about their methods for creating hairstyles. In addition, “liquid hair” has already managed to enchant many celebrities.

For instance, a memorable detail of the image of Gigi Hadid at the latest Met Gala was a voluminous ponytail assembled from shimmering and perfectly smooth copper strands. Loose “liquid hair” was demonstrated by Megan Fox and Dua Lipa, while Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Kendall Jenner have appeared more than once with similar styling on Instagram photos. What are the ways to repeat your favorite styling of the stars?

Keratin straightening

Most likely, keratin straightening resulted from the “liquid” hairstyles of some stars. This procedure allows you to get perfectly even and smooth hair after just one visit to the salon. It gives the hair a “wet” shine and makes combing noticeably easier.

However, keratin straightening is not recommended by trichologists. This is primarily due to the substances that are part of the applied solutions. Their fumes are believed to be irritating to the skin and eyes.

In addition, hair is difficult to manipulate after keratin: there are difficulties with cutting and coloring them. After the procedure, they lose volume and require more frequent washing. Therefore, before you decide on keratin, you will have to purchase special care products designed specifically for hair treated with keratin.

Salon treatments

You can turn to other, more gentle salon procedures for shiny and silky hair. To begin with, it’s worth getting rid of split ends. This will prepare the hair for subsequent procedures and give it a more well-groomed appearance.

You may also like the lamination effect. To achieve it, a special sealing composition is applied to the hair shaft, which evens out the structure. As a result, the strands look even and neat.

Home care

There are also many tools that will help you repeat the styling at home. You should start with the use of a moisturizing shampoo and balm, which will close the hair scales after washing. For extra hydration, take the serum and apply it all over your hair. This will help to add shine to the hair and further smooth it if silicones are included in the serum.

Then dry your hair with a hair dryer with a narrow nozzle. It will allow you to make sure that the hair is dried in one direction. Finish off with a flat iron by straightening individual strands. At the end, enhance the shine with a spray, spraying it from the middle of the hair to the tips.

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