8 Phrases of a Truly Self-Confident Person

Learn not only to seem self-confident but also to be such a person, working to improve your self-esteem. In dealing with other people, everyone wants to appear confident in themselves – this is an understandable desire because no one wants to appear weak and insecure. Let’s figure out what phrases can give you self-confidence. Be sure to remember them.

1. “Yes”

Saying “Yes” is not as easy as it seems. It’s about saying “Yes” to different possibilities and chances that life offers. It also means saying “Yes” in the difficult moments you face on a regular basis.

After all, without recognizing the reality, no matter how difficult it may be, it is difficult to move on. The one who is confident in himself can say “Yes” to many opportunities that life and destiny present.

2. “No”

Learning to say “No” is difficult for many people. Especially when in childhood, they were forced to be an obedient and exemplary child. If a child was not given the opportunity to defend his interests, express his opinion, disagree with adults, was punished for disobedience, in adulthood he will turn into a person who wants to please everyone.

Saying “No” is about building your boundaries. In order to be able to do this in adulthood, these boundaries had to be respected already in childhood. Not everyone was lucky enough to grow up in such a family. It takes time to learn to say no.

Either way, it’s never too late to start building your own boundaries. Try practicing in front of a mirror. Loudly and clearly repeat one single word: “No!”.

3. “I don’t know”

A person cannot know absolutely everything, we are not robots or computers. Even self-confident people sometimes do not know something or find it difficult to answer a question. This ignorance does not destroy them or make them feel ashamed. On the contrary, it arouses interest and desire to understand a specific issue.

This is how ignorance from a confident person sounds like: “I don’t know, but this is a great question” or “I don’t know, but I’ll find out.”

A confident person knows how to listen and is able to hear others, in particular those who are more competent in the areas they need. Confidence is not about knowing all the answers to questions but about knowing where to find the answers to them and not being afraid to look stupid if you don’t know something.

4. “Sorry”

Only self-confident people can apologize without humiliating themselves. After all, this means that a person has taken responsibility and is ready to bear it. Only an insecure person perceives apologies as a sign of weakness.

‘I was wrong’ does not mean that something is wrong with me. This means I am smart enough to understand, admit my mistake and correct it.

5. “Thank you”

Self-confident people value the people around them and do not consider it shameful to once again thank them for their help and for various actions in relation to them. After all, a confident person understands that strength is in the team, in the people who surround him. In cooperation with others, we can do much more than alone.

6. “I have something to say”

Anyone who is self-confident is not afraid to say what he thinks, what he is convinced of, ready to express his opinion, even if it may contradict the opinion of the majority. It is driven by the belief that I don’t have to live up to other people’s expectations. Self-confident people do not want conflicts, but strive not to betray themselves and their beliefs.

Someone who says, “I live according to my beliefs and values,” is unlikely to be seen as an insecure person. This is the position of a strong person who has overcome the fear of judgment.

7. “I want”

A self-confident person knows how to listen to himself and knows exactly his needs, values, and desires. He speaks directly and openly about them. He puts his own interests first, while not forgetting the interests of other people. He emphasizes its importance and does not underestimate it.

8. “What can I learn from this situation?”

In any, even the saddest and most difficult situation, a confident person does not complain about life and does not blame others, the world, or fate for all the problems. A confident person tries to figure out why he was given this situation and what lesson he can learn from this experience.

We all want to find the right phrases, “quick recipes” and “magic pills” that will help us look confident. It is much more important to be than to seem. Therefore, do not forget that a truly confident person will not try to appear as someone who he really is not. Use these phrases, but work on your self-esteem at the same time.

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