Honey Wheat Blonde Is the Hottest 2023 Hair Color

The main winter color trend is honey wheat blonde. Since we are nostalgic for the summer, let’s make an appointment with a colorist!

Aside from extreme shades like House of the Dragon’s Targaryen-inspired icy blonde that has been trendy throughout 2022, another shade that is steadily gaining momentum is honey wheat blonde. By the way, it claims to be the most fashionable blonde color of the upcoming 2023, which seems to be a good reason to take a closer look at it!

What is honey wheat? These are warm tones softly blended with wheaten shades that suit everyone. Does it seem unlikely? The trick is to simply adapt the tones to your complexion. Fashionable blonde is comfortable both to wear and care for.

Warm shades in winter? Why not, if it looks very impressive. So feel free to try on the most flattering blonde in 2023, which looks as natural as possible. This unique combination of darker base tones and light golden hues shimmer beautifully in the sun.

Casual coloring does not require a change of wardrobe: it is spectacularly combined with any outfit. Deeper tones give the hair color a slightly casual look. Due to this, the strands grow beautifully, which means you do not have to constantly visit the colorist.

Such shading and glossy honey shades are a modern glamorous luxury. With proper care, the curls will also shine magically!

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