There IS enough time in a day! Stop Busy-Bragging!

We are all aware that time is a finite resource, and once it’s gone, it can’t be regained. You’ve surely heard people say: “I wish there was more than just 24 hours in a day,” – meaning that this time is too short for all the errands they have to run during the day. But is lack of time really the reason these people don’t manage to do all they have on their to-do list? Or is it just poor planning? We truly believe that in most cases, the latter is the case, and people are just busy-bragging. But how to know it’s the case?

Busy-bragging is the act of exaggerating how busy one is in order to gain status or respect from others. Here are a few signs that someone might be busy-bragging:

  • They constantly talk about how busy they are: If someone is always talking about how much they have to do and how little time they have, it could be a sign that they’re busy-bragging.
  • They use their busyness to justify their behavior: If someone uses their busyness as an excuse for not being able to meet up or help out, it could be a sign too.
  • They don’t take breaks or make time for leisure activities: Someone claims to be too busy to take breaks or make time for leisure activities.
  • They use busyness as a status symbol: If someone mentions their busyness in situations where it is not relevant, this is an indication of busy-bragging.
  • They show off their schedule: If someone proudly displays their full schedule or calendar, it could be just bragging.
  • They find time for their favorite TV show or meeting people.
  • They sleep enough. It’s actually good for their health, but people who are really busy often don’t have this luxury.
  • They work under 47 hours a week, which is less busy than the average person.
  • They receive fewer than 121 emails a day.
  • They don’t have kids. Having kids adds so many responsibilities to one’s schedule. Not having them and calling themselves busy could be one of the signs of busy-bragging.
  • They still find time to regularly meet or call their friends and family.

What makes people busy-brag?

Apparently, it’s not uncommon to hear people complaining about how busy they are. They boast about their packed schedules and long to-do lists, making it seem as though they have no time for anything else. But is it really true that there’s not enough time in a day? The truth is, there’s actually enough time for everything; it’s just a matter of how we choose to use it.

Lack of proper planning

One of the reasons people feel so busy is that they’re not being intentional about how they use their time. Without proper planning, it’s easy to get caught up in less important tasks and lose sight of what’s truly important. When we don’t set goals and prioritize our time, we’re more likely to feel overwhelmed and as though there’s not enough time in the day.

ADS and distractions

Another reason people feel so busy is that they’re easily distracted – with may be due to having  ADS or even just because we live in a world full of distractions. With so many of them vying for our attention, it’s easy to lose focus and waste time. Whether it’s social media, email, or text messages, it’s important to be mindful of distractions and minimize them as much as possible.

They use busyness as a status symbol

As already mentioned above, some people also tend to exaggerate how busy they are in order to gain status or respect from others. This habit can be seen as a way of signaling one’s importance, but it also undermines the productivity of the person, as they might not be able to find the time to take care of the most important tasks.

It’s their perception of time

People’s perception of time can also play a role. When we’re engaged in an activity that we find interesting or meaningful, we tend to lose track of time and don’t feel as though it’s passing as quickly. On the other hand, when we’re engaged in an activity that we find tedious or uninteresting, time seems to drag on. This means that if someone is working on a task that they find fulfilling, they may not be as aware of how much time they’re spending on it and may feel as though they have more time than they actually do.

Low self-esteem

It’s also worth mentioning that busy-bragging can be a sign of deeper issues such as low self-esteem or insecurity. People who busy-brag may feel that they have to prove themselves to others and that their busyness is a way to demonstrate their importance.

There is actually enough time for everything in a day

In general, being busy and having a lot to do is not inherently a bad thing, but it’s not always necessary to flaunt it. And certainly, one should also recognize that some people may genuinely have a lot of responsibilities and commitments, and it’s not always a bragging matter.

If we think of a pipe break, it always comes unexpectedly and takes hours of your time you’d spend differently. People often find time to address such unexpected problems or emergencies, even when they claim to be very busy. This is because they prioritize these issues as urgent and important, and therefore make the time to address them. Does it mean they could free up this time for things they claim to have no time for, such as exercise, cooking healthy meals, or self-development? Absolutely!

The truth is, there’s actually enough time in a day for everything, but the key is to use it wisely. By being intentional about how you use your time and by being mindful of distractions, you can make the most of each day and achieve your goals. Rather than brag about how busy you are, focus on being productive and efficient with the time that you have. With the right mindset and planning, you can make the most of each day and enjoy the time you have, whether that time is spent on work, relaxation, or fun activities.


Nowadays, people often feel pressure to be busy, but it is not necessarily the same as being productive. Ultimately, time management is a personal and ongoing process. It requires continuous self-reflection and a willingness to adjust your habits and priorities as needed. By setting priorities and being intentional about how you spend your time, you can make the most of each day and achieve your goals.

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