Love Music? It’s Time to Play Your Favourite Songs!

Sometimes when your favourite song plays on the radio, you can’t help but dance or sing the chorus — there’s something powerful about music that just makes us respond on a visceral level. Do you ever sing Taylor Swift in the car or in the shower? Music hits us subconsciously: it has always had incredible power over us, ever since the first time someone banged a drum.

But what about if instead of dancing or singing you could actually play the songs you love on guitar? There’s no wrong way to appreciate music, but playing music is extremely rewarding and fun. Here are some other compelling reasons you should learn to play the guitar.

Entertain Your Family and Friends

Even if you don’t make it to the stage of Carnegie Hall it doesn’t take that long before you can play the basic chords, which is enough to play thousands of popular songs. Just try taking an online guitar class and keep practicing, and soon you’ll have what it takes to play songs for your kids, or your friends.

Whether you play guitar while singing a nursery rhyme while putting the kids to bed or crank out a tune at the campfire or a party, taking guitar lessons lets you share the gift of music.

The Rewarding and Satisfying Feeling

Playing guitar is a lifelong hobby that is uncommonly satisfying. It’s more than just fun; it leads to intellectual stimulation and even spiritual sustenance! Just like it’s hard to put into words how much you love your favourite music, it’s difficult to articulate clearly the feeling you get from playing songs you cherish.

Whether you perform music for other people or only play in an otherwise empty room, you will love playing the guitar. It can help you de-stress after a bad day, and can lead to considerable euphoria after a good one!

Cognitive Improvements

There are many studies which show that playing music can actually change your brain’s structure and help it function for the better. Playing guitar can help improve your verbal memory, spatial reasoning, and literacy skills.
If you’re a parent, setting a musical example for your children can help make them want to play. Music is contagious, and if your kids see you play they’ll be more likely to try it themselves.

Make New Friends

Playing music is extremely social by nature. Jamming with other musicians means listening and responding to them, and vice versa. This is a bonding experience that brings people together. Even if you’re the only one playing, guitars unite everybody who hears them. And if you really practice hard, a guitar becomes the life of the party!

There are so many reasons why playing the guitar is an excellent thing to do. Remember them all in the early days of your lessons, as you build up your calluses and get used to contorting your fingers in unusual positions — the time you put in practicing will pay off, and you’ll love playing guitar for years to come!

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