7 Tape Hair Extension Mistakes to Avoid

When they’re installed correctly, tape hair extensions will go completely unnoticed because they’ll look exactly like your normal hair.

Unfortunately, things can also go wrong during the installation process.
Tape extensions that have been installed incorrectly can cause pain, look bad and sometimes fall out. Luckily, there are ways to avoid some of the most common tape hair extension mistakes and enjoy long, beautiful hair for months on end.

Avoiding Common Tape Hair Extension Mistakes

Here is what you should avoid if you want to walk away with great-looking locks.

Mistake 1: Using too few extensions

According to EH Hair & Extensions, installing too few hair extensions is a mistake that many stylists make. When this happens, you walk away with stringy and thin hair that doesn’t look healthy or natural. While you may just want to gain more length, it’s important that you add more volume too if you want the best results. The number of extensions that are installed will depend on the thickness of your natural hair, so this will be different for everyone. A reputable stylist will also make sure that the subsections of your hair are the same size and density as your new extensions. If a subsection is too thin, your extensions won’t hold.

Mistake 2: Using too many extensions

Yes, this can go in the opposite direction too. When too many extensions are used, it also creates unnatural results as well as pain. Extensions are meant to be spaced at least a pinky-width apart but when you’re dealing with a reputable stylist, they will know how to space your extensions correctly.

Mistake 3: Using the wrong colour extensions

Using the wrong colour extensions is another way to end up with results that look unnatural. When shopping for new tape hair extensions, be sure to match the extensions to the mid and end sections of your hair, not the roots.

Mistake 4: Using the wrong length

Using extensions that are too short or long are definitely going to have the wrong effect. It’s important to choose extensions that are more or less the same length as your current hair for the best results. If you are unsure about the length to choose, rather speak to a professional hair extension technician.

Mistake 5: Not choosing a reputable hair extension technician

Without the help of an experienced and reputable hair extension technician, you can end up with results you’re not happy with. Installing tape extensions is a delicate process, which means things can easily go wrong if you’re trying to install them yourself or are dealing with an experienced stylist. To avoid damaging your scalp as well as your natural hair, take your time to find the best salon for the job.

Mistake 6: Poor placement

Where your hair extensions are placed will also determine what they look like. In fact, placement can mean the difference between enjoying beautiful long locks and hair loss and headaches. One way that this usually happens is when the extensions are placed too close to the scalp. When extensions aren’t placed correctly, they can be painful and irritate your scalp for months.

Mistake 7: Choosing extensions with improper adhesive tape

There are a few different types of adhesive on the market. Some are next to impossible to remove and could end up damaging your hair, while another tape isn’t strong enough and your extensions end up falling out when you least expect it. This speaks to the importance of purchasing your extensions from a reputable supplier. Quality adhesive tape will last 2 to 3 months and won’t damage your natural hair.

Once your tape hair extensions have been installed, it’s up to you to keep them looking and feeling great. Be sure to speak to your stylist about the proper way to care for your hair and what products you should be using to extend the life of your extensions.

It’s also important to stick to your follow-up appointments to keep your hair in good condition. If for any reason you experience pain and discomfort after your installation appointment, it’s best to ask your technician to adjust your extensions or to find someone else to assist you if you feel that your current stylist isn’t the best fit.

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