Ways of Making Your Shellac Nails Last Longer

Compared to a regular manicure, shellac lasts 2-3 weeks rather than 2-3 days. But can you make the gel coat last even longer? Yes, and there are a number of tips for that.

Compared to regular manicure, shellac is more durable and makes your fingers beautiful for a longer time. But, of course, there are exceptions: after a week or two, chips may appear on the coating, and the color may lose saturation. The latter is especially common with light and pastel shades.

Something worse can happen – for example, the fracture of the nail plate. How to protect your shellac and prolong its life?

Of course, one of the main factors that can extend the life of a gel manicure is the professionalism of the nail master. During the procedure, all the necessary points must be observed. They include decreasing the nails, using the technique of “sealing” the end part of the nail plate (applying all the necessary layers of varnish on the tips of the nails as if overlapping them – this is what allows you to avoid chips later), and using the top for fixing gel polish.

If the nail master did everything correctly and followed the technology, the further service life of the manicure already depends on you.

Limit contact with water in the first days after a manicure

After finishing the manicure procedure, any experienced nail master warns that you should not wet your hands for two hours after the procedure, and during the first two days it is better not to steam the skin and try to avoid unnecessary contact with water, taking hot baths and cleaning.

Such advice is given for a reason. Even after applying the topcoat and putting hands under a UV lamp, the gel polymerization process does not end – it continues for several more days. The durability of shellac will depend on the careful observance of these recommendations.

Do household chores in gloves

If you are interested in making your manicure last as long as possible, protect your hands from the aggressive effects of household chemicals, which have a bad effect not only on the skin but also on the nails and the area around them, causing burrs, chips of the coating, brittle nails plates, etc.

Keep in mind that light shellac tones can be discolored by spices and certain foods, so it’s better to cook in gloves as well.

Apply shellac regularly

The average time that a gel manicure can withstand is 2-3 weeks. The longer you delay with the visit to the nail master, the more your nails grow and the more problems you may have in the future with your nails and cuticles: nails can begin to exfoliate, become more brittle, and the skin around the nail plate becomes noticeably rough.

Do not peel off the gel coat by yourself

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Doing this on your own most often looks like the plain peeling off of your shellac and leads to damaging the nail plate. Doing the next gel manicure with damaged nails is risky – not only a part of the manicure but also the nail itself may “fall off” ahead of time.

Do not try to save money on the services of a nail master, especially if you want your nails to be beautiful and healthy.

Take care of your hands and nails regularly

Hand care will extend the life of your shellac. Use hand cream and cuticle oils several times a day to keep your skin from getting rough and to avoid burrs. Use liquid products to wash your hands – they gently cleanse the skin of impurities.

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