Reasons Why Your Eyelashes Fall Out

Every girl dreams of long thick eyelashes, but very often, the main obstacle on the way to the desired goal is her own care mistakes. Because of these mistakes, the situation only becomes more deplorable. Let’s take a look at the most annoying beauty mistakes that you can make on a daily basis, causing your eyelashes to fall out.

Sleep with makeup

Everyone has had such situations when one returns home late but doesn’t want to waste time and effort on washing off cosmetics. Here you make a fatal mistake, since mascara applied in the morning or afternoon, not only makes the eyelashes long and thick, but also makes them heavier, which means that after sleeping with your face on the pillow and turning over in your sleep, you risk losing some of your eyelashes.

To prevent this from happening, keep a bottle of micellar water or makeup remover wipes on your dressing table to help keep your lashes healthy.

Use of expired cosmetics

It is believed that mascara should be replaced every three months. Air and bacteria get into an open bottle, which can lead to eye diseases, eyelash loss, and serious allergic reactions, which will be expressed in redness of the eyes and watery eyes. You should never save on your health by using expired cosmetics.

Improper removal of waterproof mascara

The main problem, of course, is not in the mascara itself, especially if it is of high quality and its shelf life is normal. The problem is how to remove waterproof mascara properly. To do this, you need a special two-phase tool, which is marked “suitable for removing waterproof mascara.”

Other means will be less effective, and thanks to the efforts made, you will lose more than one eyelash. It is also necessary to remove the mascara by gently applying a cotton pad dipped in a special lotion. Do not rub your eyes with effort: this is how the skin of the eyelids is stretched, and eyelashes fall out.

Lack of care for the skin around the eyes

This includes using inappropriate products for the care of the periorbital zone, which have passed ophthalmological control, the complete disregard for eye cream (the first wrinkles in this area appear after 25), and dry eyes when working at a computer.

All this can cause an increase in the sensitivity and irritability of the eyes. If you use a regular eye cream, an allergic reaction may occur, followed by loss of eyelashes.

Be sure to use tested eye creams and special drops to soothe the mucous membranes after working at a computer or using gadgets.

Eyelash coloring

Pay attention to the compositions of eyelash dyes – not all are equally safe. Some may contain various substances (formaldehydes, fragrances, phenylenediamine), which can worsen the condition of the eyelashes and lead to their loss if used frequently.

Moreover, phenylenediamine can also be contained in henna-based paints. Purchase only high-quality dyes for eyebrows and eyelashes that will not lead to negative consequences and allergies.

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