Healthy Egoism Rules

What are the main advantages of healthy egoism? Here are some tips on developing them as well.

Today, few people consider egoism a negative trait of character. In the modern world, this quality has not only ceased to have a negative connotation but has also begun to be valued as a characteristic that contributes to building personal boundaries and protecting a person’s psychological comfort. At the same time, egoism can be of two types: healthy and unhealthy – and they differ a lot.

In the first case, people put themselves and their interests on top of everything else while also considering the interests of others – they are looking for a compromise. The second option assumes that a person thinks only about himself, completely ignoring the boundaries of the world around him.

It is worth noting that healthy egoism can be considered a natural personality trait, while unhealthy one indicates internal problems and even dislike for oneself. We figure out what rules will help achieve the perfect balance in this matter.

Do what you want

There is no need to go to extremes – it is enough to make any process or decision pleasurable. Before you take action, it is important to ask yourself the following questions:

“What do I want?”

“Do I really want this or am I just catering to the interests of others?”

“Where from will I derive joy and happiness?”

It is natural that most of us should prefer not to go to work, but to do more pleasant things – travel, engage in hobbies, make new friends, communicate, and develop.

It is important to understand that the principles of healthy egoism consist of different things. To be happy, you do not need to quit a business that brings you a stable income and consider your boss a tyrant who violates your personal boundaries. You should soberly assess the surrounding reality and look for compromises that will help you find the necessary balance.

Compare yourself to yourself

The Internet and social networks in particular, offer us an ideal world where people are successful, motivated, rich, slim and absolutely happy. Regularly observing their lives, many of us compare ourselves with these people and fall into real despair, realizing that we do not have all these benefits for one reason or another.

It is essential to learn not to compare yourself with others – it is much better (and more effective) to start competing with yourself. Strive for self-improvement, make each subsequent day more productive and brighter than the previous one. This advice applies not only to work – it is also important to learn how to properly relax, reboot and enjoy your achievements.

Remember that you are the most important person in your life. Only you have to make decisions for yourself, set goals and make choices. Only you know what will make you happy and what emotions will bring you joy. Listen only to the voice within yourself.

Learn to say “no”

There seems to be nothing difficult in refusing another request that does not suit you, but in fact, it is very, very difficult. It’s always fun to say yes only in a Jim Carrey movie, but in the real world, it’s important to learn to cut off the people who are comfortably using you and only say yes to things that really suit your interests.

Support yourself

Don’t forget that you can get the most important support only from yourself. Each of us makes annoying mistakes from time to time, but do not blame and criticize yourself. Instead, try to treat the mistake as an interesting and valuable experience that will help you in your future endeavors.

Give thanks

Praise and thank yourself regularly. It is unnecessary to reach the pinnacle of success at work, run a marathon or become an exemplary parent. Sometimes even deliciously brewed coffee is a great reason to praise and thank yourself. A new day should be greeted with the thought that you are grateful for everything you have and will have.

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