Common Eye Makeup Removal Mistakes

Removing makeup is just as important as applying it. However, it is during make-up removal that we make the greatest number of annoying mistakes. They can cost a lot in terms of skin health – especially when it comes to the sensitive area around the eyes.

Makeup removal is the first and basic step in skincare. However, not everyone knows how to properly carry it out, avoiding mistakes that threaten irritation, inflammation, or redness. In this case, the delicate skin around the eyes is at a higher risk. We are going to talk about the most common eye makeup removal mistakes below.

Use non-cleansing products

After a working day, you want to remove your makeup as soon as possible, so soap is often used, and sometimes just water. Soap cleans well the skin of the hands, but it is categorically inappropriate for removing eye makeup. It contains aggressive substances that negatively affect the condition of the skin and can cause dryness and irritation.

To remove eye makeup, it is better to use specially designed foams and lotions. They contain components that do an excellent job without damaging the upper layers of the skin.

Don’t rinse off makeup remover

Makeup removers also need to be removed from the skin surface. Without rinsing, they contribute to additional clogging of pores and the appearance of acne, just as makeup and dirt do.

Use the same face and eye makeup remover

The skin around the eyes requires special care, as it is very delicate and sensitive. At the same time, not all means for removing face makeup are also suitable for removing makeup from the eye area.

Cleansing too hard

After removing makeup, girls often wipe their faces with a towel and often do it quite roughly. Remember: rubbing your face is not a good idea; instead, it is necessary to wipe the rest of the water with light blotting movements.

Pay special attention to the area of the lower eyelids: the skin is very delicate there, so it is strictly forbidden to roughly wipe your eyes after removing makeup. This can lead to stretching of the skin and sagging of the indicated area.

You are in a hurry

Do not rush to remove your makeup, even if you are very tired. Clean skin is the key to a healthy and beautiful appearance of your face. Unwashed eyebrows and eyelids, the remains of mascara between the eyelashes – all this can affect the condition of the skin the very next morning. Perform makeup removal efficiently and thoroughly, and your beauty will surely say thank you for it.

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