Things You Don’t Need on Vacation

These things take up the most space in a suitcase, although they could safely stay at home without overloading you on vacation and without interfering with your rest. Just don’t take them next time. Lighten your burden by getting rid of unnecessary things. From hair dryers and makeup bags to books and magazines, here are the things to cross off your vacation travel list.

Cotton swabs and discs

Instead of taking a huge bag of toiletries with you, take advantage of the free hygiene items you can get at the hotel. Of course, we’re not talking about a toothbrush or your favorite hair conditioner, but hotel soaps, cotton swabs, and shower caps can definitely save space in your suitcase.

Some hotels can also provide you with toothpaste, mouthwash, shaving cream, women’s hygiene products and even sewing kits – the secret is you just have to ask for them.

Everyday cosmetic bag

Before the trip, be sure to sort out your cosmetic bag and lay out everything that you will not need on the trip. Take only the products that you use every day. Try limiting yourself to foundation, blush or bronzer, eyebrow pencil, the main eye shadows, mascara, and lipstick (or use a travel palette if you have one).

Curling irons and tongs

Leave hair dryers, curling irons, curling irons, and bulky packages of hair products at home – they take up a lot of luggage space and an entire bathroom in a hotel. Most hotels have hair dryers in their rooms. Check in advance if there is also an iron so as not to pack more than you need. Try to take only the smallest jars of hair styling and protection products.

Many of them can be poured into smaller jars and taken with you.


Of course, many people enjoy reading on vacation, but if you have an e-reader or a tablet, you can save precious space in your backpack by leaving books and magazines at home. E-book readers are great because they are thin and light and allow you to download more novels and short stories than you could ever hope to read in even a very long trip.

Another computer or tablet

Unless it’s a business trip, you can probably get by with just your smartphone. If you plan to take other devices with you, such as a tablet, laptop or an e-book reader, limit yourself to a maximum of two devices in your luggage.

Just remember that an excessive presence of gadgets leads to problems with relaxation. Either you find yourself constantly distracted by your gadgets, or you end up not using much of what you have with you. Choose wisely and save vacation time and luggage space. In addition, their safety must be monitored.

Extra equipment

Be realistic and honest with yourself about whether you will sleep in a tent or go to the gym on your upcoming trip. If not, you are unlikely to need the appropriate equipment. Do not take it “just in case”, but clearly plan where, when and how you will spend your time. If you don’t hike, do not bring hiking boots or a helmet. Most likely, you won’t need them.

Several pairs of jeans

Denim is ideal for travel because the fabric is versatile, durable, smudge-resistant and hides stains well. However, jeans are heavy and take up a lot of space even when properly folded. So bring only your favorite pair of jeans with you (or no more than two pairs, if it makes sense for some reason). Other items, like chinos or linen skirts, should be light.

Clothes for everyday

Everyone likes to have a choice, but almost no one needs a brand new outfit for every day of travel. Being obsessed with this idea is one of the fastest ways to pack your suitcase to its fullest. In this case, most likely, you will not wear even half of what you have taken with you.

For a standard trip, about three tops and three bottoms are suitable, which are practical and comfortable, and which can be combined. If you’re worried about running out of clean clothes, schedule your laundry on the road, or just hand wash a few items mid-trip. Many modern fabrics do not need to be ironed.

Impractical shoes

There’s nothing worse than ‘wearing out’ your feet during vacation or just suffering in the wrong shoes, so choose them carefully and never pack a pair you haven’t worn yet. The boots can be uncomfortable and your feet will bleed, making it hard to put on anything else without pain.

Ballet shoes and high-heeled shoes should better be left at home. Opt for practical shoes and sneakers, and if your holiday program is something solemn, try to find a balance between style and comfort.

Expensive accessories and jewelry

Resist the temptation to pack your most expensive and beautiful watch, jewelry, designer bag, and any other wardrobe items you cherish too much. In many cases, traveling with valuables will make you a prime target for pickpockets. In addition, you run the risk of losing or leaving small accessories somewhere… and missing them afterward.

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