A Sunny Guide For The Perfect Beach Day

Sparkling blue waves, warm sandy shores, a sleek swimsuit, and a coconut drink in hand — beach days are everyone’s favorite, and you can’t say otherwise. Quick trips to the sea beaches are our much-needed way to detoxify from everyday stress and troubles. So, if you are looking forward to a beach day yourself, here are a few things to check off so that you can enjoy a fabulous beach day to the fullest every time!

Stock Up On Fun Beach Essentials

When you are headed for the beach, all you have is fun on your mind! So here are a few things for you to bring along with you to make the best out of the ocean:

  • Inflatables, but make sure you also have anchors and ropes to secure it in the tides
  • Easy to carry beach chairs because lying in the sun and getting a good tan are important
  • Make-shift shades like canopies, tents, and umbrellas for your time-out zones in between the fun
  • Beach toys like beach boards, frisbee, sandcastle pails, volleyballs, and so on, for kids and adults alike
  • Portable music device for a mini beach party (be careful not to disturb others, though)

Invest In A Good Swim Fit

When headed to the beach, you want to look the part and look good! So, take some time to do a little shopping before heading towards the beaches. Go for swimwear that you are comfortable and confident in. You would not want to waste the day fidgeting and feeling uncomfortable. For some great modest swim fits, follow here!

Cold Food Preparation

Just because you are near the ocean does not mean you will not get thirsty. On the contrary, you will need more drinks than usual because of the direct sun rays and the humid air. We advise you to carry your mini cooler to store cold drinks and foods for quick cool breaks. A pro tip: freeze juice boxes and water bottles overnight to substitute instead of ice. It will also help you decrease your traveling load.

Better Safe Than Sorry

No matter what intentions you have in mind, accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. Especially near the beach where a small misstep can go very wrong. Therefore, always keep the following in mind:

  • Always carry the basic first aid kit with you. Cuts and minor bruises are common on beaches due to hidden rocks and shells in the sand and water. There are also cases of jellyfish stings and sand flea bites!
  • Save yourself from nasty sunburns by applying sunscreens before arriving at the beach. Also, be generous to your skin and keep reapplying.
  • Stay close to lifeguard posts. If you need them, you know exactly where to go.
  • Know about the various signs and flags and follow them! Flags with green, yellow, and red colors mean safe, moderately safe, and dangerous for swimmers, respectively. If you see a purple or blue flag, it usually means that that area is prone to unsafe marine life.
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