How To Get Pretty Eyes – Types Of Eyelash Extension Styles

Whether you are getting glammed up for a major event or going out for a Sunday dinner, eyelash extensions are beauty accessories that can fit any occasion. The secret is to find an eyelash extension design that reflects your personal style and charm. Today, let’s explore all the individual eyelash extensions available on the market, learn how to get pretty eyes, and choose an eyelash extension style that was made for you!

Natural Eyes

Let’s begin with our first style – known as the Natural Eyes. As the name suggests, these mink individual eyelash extensions are perfect for those seeking a subtle up-do to their lashes. With the help of B or J-curl lashes, the Natural Eye style follows the silhouette of natural eyelashes. In this lash design, the extensions are placed mostly on the inner and the outer corners of the eyes – creating a natural outline. Along with everyday occasions, such as brunch with friends or romantic dinners, this style is also suitable for office and professional settings.

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Cat Eyes

Next, let’s discuss the Cat Eye design. This style will work great for those that are seeking extra lifts on the outer corners of their eyes. Combining flawlessly with eye makeup, the Cat Eye design is focused on attaching the longest mink lashes individuals on the middle and outer corners of the eyes. For this design, C and CC-curl lashes are used on the outer lash line for that iconic Cat Eye effect. This particular lash style is ideal for any occasion or time of the day. Even famous celebrities, like Kim Kardashian and Megan Fox, are obsessed with the Cat Eye lash style!

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Volume Eyes

Now, let’s talk about an individual eyelash extension style that screams lux and glamor. Volume lashes may not be the go-to choice for most lash lovers, but this eyelash extension style definitely has its unique benefits. Created by layering individual eyelash extensions, Volume lashes bring fullness and drama to the eyes. This style is designed by attaching multiple individual eyelash extensions to one natural lash, resulting in thicker and fuller effects. Volume lashes make an instant statement, making them a great choice for special occasions, such as birthday parties or weddings.

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Open Eyes

If you want to bring a certain innocence to your overall appearance, then look no further because the Open Eyes style is the one you have been searching for. By applying mink fans to the inner and middle lash lines, the Open Eyes style ‘opens’ the center part of the eyes, resulting in bigger and brighter eyes! Thanks to the smart placement of mink individual eyelash extensions, the Open Eyes design can accentuate the upper part of the face and direct all the attention to the eyes!

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Doll Eyes

And last but not least, we must mention the Doll Eyes lash extension style! This lash look is achieved by mixing different-length mink individual eyelash extensions along the lash line. Shorter and medium-sized individual lash fans are placed at the inner and outer corners, while the longest fans are attached in the center. This combination brings lengths to the entire lash line and ultimately creates a Doll Eye effect by enhancing the natural shape of the eyes. For high-quality mink individual lashes, visit the Stacy Lash online supply store and browse through their diverse selection of eyelash extensions!

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