8 Most Important Things to Remember When Packing for Vacation

The season of holidays, vacations and traveling is about to start, and that means it’s time to think about the rules of packing suitcases. How can you pack all the necessary clothes, accessories and shoes, using just one suitcase? We have decided to follow the advice of the famous designer and traveler.


Designer David Bromstad is professionally engaged in interior design, as well as the design of suitcases and bags. He travels a lot and knows better than anyone else what it means to take their entire wardrobe with him. That is why he has come up with some life hack tips, which he constantly uses.

1. Choose the right suitcase

First of all, you need to pay attention to the suitcase. It is preferable to have just one suitcase because it is not quite comfortable to wear a lot of luggage with you. Of course, it is better to choose a suitcase on wheels, so it will be easy to transport your luggage. David notes that a suitcase is an integral part of one’s style, just as a jacket or shoes. Therefore, choosing such an accessory it is necessary to pay attention to its color, the material from which it is made and various badges. The designer himself prefers denim and considers this textile very practical.

2. Roll instead of folding


Sometimes it takes a lot of time when you want to fold things beautifully and correctly, but they still get rumpled and barely fit in a suitcase. What should you do in this case? David Bromstad has found a simple solution – he rolls things instead of folding them. He believes that it takes much less time, and things do not get crumpled.

3. Packing shoes


While traveling, you often lack time and opportunity to wash the soles of your shoes before packing them into the suitcase. Therefore, David offers a very simple solution – to hide the shoes inside shower caps or bags for shoes, which are often found in hotels. In some cases, you can take shoe covers, which are always available in pharmacies. Or just polyethylene packages.

4. If you do not want to take the whole wardrobe with you

As a rule, one pair of jeans is worn longer than a T-shirt. The top should be changed daily, which is not the case with jeans or trousers. Therefore, you can safely take one pair of trousers while traveling, but you will need several shirts or T-shirts. Thus you will save some space in your suitcase.

5. Keep the clothes inside out


In order to prevent accidental staining of clothes during transportation, the designer recommends turning them inside out before they are put in a suitcase. This technique will also prevent unwanted folds in clothes.

6. The proper arrangement of things in a suitcase

The way how things are packed in a suitcase plays an important role if you want to keep them neat during transportation. There is one unwritten rule, which should be followed: heavy things should be put on the bottom of the suitcase and distributed closer to the corners. The clothes that are easy to crumple should be put on top of everything else, and the pockets of the lid may contain accessories and personal care products.

7. Packing wires and chargers


Nobody travels without gadgets today, so we need to think about storing chargers, earphones and wires. They can be stored in a glasses case, and the wires will not get tangled or damaged.

8. Use the maximum space

Shoes occupy a lot of space in your suitcase, but they can also be used for storing things. For example, you can place a makeup bag or a comb in your shoes.

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