Beauty Products Packing Tips for Travelers

When it comes to cosmetics, women rarely stick to minimalism. Having a vacation is no exception.


Being absolutely confident of the need to apply two dozens of products, many women fill half a suitcase a (or even the whole suitcase) with precious jars and beauty tubes. No one is allowed to say that the woman has packed something extra in there! What can be called an odd item – a sunscreen or a soothing lotion? Rejuvenating serum or a shower gel? A woman won’t use that smelly shower gel from the hotel room! However, there are ways to save space in a suitcase without reducing the amount of quality cosmetics. Let’s see what we can do.

A trip is not the time for beauty experiments

Cherishing a dream holiday and planning a long-awaited vacation, we often think that we can find more time than usually for ourselves and our loved ones. Therefore, except basic care products and sunscreens some people take the cosmetics they do not use in their everyday life. For example, a hair mask, which requires more time than one normally has. Or some other products that are usually kept on the shelf.

It is worth saying that a vacation is not the time for beauty experiments. Firstly, because of the lack of extra space in the suitcase. Secondly, because of the relaxed holiday atmosphere. The third reason is possible allergies to new products. During the holiday one often feels too lazy to do the most basic things, to say nothing about hair masks and facial masks… But even if you do not consider yourself to be lazy, look at the first point. In fact, you will still have time for serious beauty procedures after returning home from a trip.

A hair mask during vacation? Forget it!


You’ve probably noticed that there is no time and mood for any additional care during the vacation. Especially if you are in a foreign country, longing to see new places and enjoy the sun or if you are in a hurry for the tour, which always starts early enough (you barely have time to eat your breakfast). So it is doubtful that you should find time for a hair mask, even if you usually do it twice a week. Of course, this question is a matter of individual choice, but still you should reflect on this issue in your spare time, remembering the last year’s vacation.

In general, it is very useful to analyze the contents of your suitcases after each trip: was there anything you did not put on (use) at least once? It was carefully packed and occupied its place in the suitcase!


Taking care of the consumers’ needs and their own financial well-being, some cosmetic manufacturers have released travel versions of their products. Not all products, of course, and not all brands.

If you have failed to find smaller versions of cosmetic products or haven’t had enough time for that – there is an even simpler option. Buy a travel-set of empty vials specifically for travelling. For example, such sets can be found in Sephora or in supermarkets. They are very convenient – just pour the needed amount of your shampoo, gel, cream, balm, lotion and so on. Be sure to stick a label to avoid confusion.

How to prepare a beautician bag for a vacation


Even if you have not found the above mentioned set in the store, it is no secret that you can get a bottle or two from the hotel. Even empty ones. One or two trips – and you have your own set of plastic bottles, which will be placed in a handy beautician bag. Some may condemn this act, but such tiny bottles have rescued travelers many a time.

Wonder boxes


Finally, one should say a word or two about Glamboxes and similar boxes used while travelling. For those who may not know, this is a cosmetic “pig in a poke” – subscription to a box of cosmetics. You never know what you will get, but there is the opportunity to try new things at a ridiculous price. In these boxes, there is always a mini-version of the products, which are suitable for a vacation.

Ask for Testers at Pharmacies


Another great idea is to grab pharmacy or drugstore testers. While buying anything there, ask the cash employee to give you some testers of particular beauty and cosmetics manufacturers. Normally you’ll get some creams in tiny tubes. Lost of pharmacy brands distribute them: Avene, Vichy, La Roche-Posay etc. You can always use them when traveling.

These simple tips will help you reduce the cosmetic contents of the suitcase by a few times. May you have light bags and unforgettable impressions of the trip!

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