Homme Mystere Underwear for Real Men

Would you want your man to wear these?

The Australians believe that the 21st century is the time to fight stereotypes about how a real man should dress. One company has released a collection of sexy underwear for men, which only the most daring males would agree to wear.


Australian Homme Mystere brand (translated from French as “a man of mystery”) manufactures and sells women’s underwear for men. The company officials claim that the underwear, which they produce, looks like female underwear, but is designed and sewn in such a way that it is ideal for men.


The name of the Australian company Homme Mystere is translated from French as “A Man of Mystery”.


“Homme Mystere” claims that men of the traditional sexual orientation should be among the first to wear this underwear. After all, the advertising campaign is focused on the relationship of the ordinary couples, who are willing to add some variety into their relationship.

However, the representatives of the brand claim that it does not matter for them if you are gay, heterosexual, vegetarian, a Republican, an Anglican, a Martian or a person with any other opinion about life. They say they develop and produce magnificent and seductive underwear for all men.

Of course, the appearance of underwear for men, designed in women’s style, has caused an ambiguous reaction of the public. However, an unusual selection of products in the online store of the Australian “Homme Mystere” company is very popular because bikinis have been worn not only by women in recent years. Our review includes the most unusual men’s underwear.


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